WH Gets Nailed Big Time for Biden's Hypocrisy on Electric Vehicles

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Joe Biden has been pushing the virtue of everyone having an electric vehicle. As we previously reported, he even argued that loosening the restrictions on oil production wasn’t the solution to rising gas prices or oil volatility from the Russian war on Ukraine, but people getting electric vehicles was.


That comment was of course delusional – that it’s not possible to change – and for everyone to suddenly just to get electric vehicles, when so many are strapped just keeping up with Biden’s rising prices for everything, and electric vehicle are dependent on coal and fossil fuels.

Fox’s Peter Doocy had a great question for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki when he was grilling her about Biden’s spin on inflation and gas prices. He asked how long did she think “temporary” inflation was going to last?


Psaki claimed they relied upon “experts” for always being wrong, and then she blamed Vladimir Putin again for having an impact on the record inflation numbers. As we noted earlier, the numbers that came out today had nothing to do with Putin’s invasion of Russia.

Doocy then busted Psaki on that, asking if they were going to pull out Putin as an excuse until the midterms.

The answer, of course, is yes — they’re going to try.

Doocy asked why their excuse has now shifted from the pandemic, when the commonality through it all has been Biden’s policies and his massive spending.


Psaki falsely claimed “experts” agree that the pandemic was the biggest contributor to inflation, deflecting from the excessive spending of the Biden Administration.

Psaki made it clear that they were doing nothing to stop restrictions or reach out to oil-producing companies to increase production.

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said, “Drill, baby, drill.” But that would help both American national security and Americans in general, with price drops. So, Biden doesn’t want to do it.

Biden wants you to follow what he says, just not what he does, just like with masks. Doocy pressed Psaki with a great question: if Biden wants everyone to buy electric vehicles, does he even own one? We know he owns an expensive gas-guzzling Corvette. Where’s the electric vehicle? Watch Psaki scramble: she didn’t expect that one.


Answer: he doesn’t own one because he’s still a hypocrite with ‘Rules for Thee, But Not for Me.’

By the way, with all this pushing of the electric vehicles, Biden leaves out China’s control of the lithium market. According to the WSJ, China controls 75 percent of all lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing. So when you push EVs, you’re helping China. Also, when you’re talking about being free from Putin, then you can be obligated to China instead, if they have such control of that market. How does that make you energy independent? It’s just shifting dictators, maybe to one that Joe has a closer connection.

In another one of those interesting coincidences, the New York Times reported at the end of 2021 that the investment firm where Hunter Biden had been a founding member helped facilitate a Chinese company’s purchase of one of the world’s richest cobalt mines. According to the Times, the money for the deal came from Chinese state-backed companies. Cobalt is a key ingredient in batteries for electric vehicles.

Things that make you go hmm.

Another reporter also asked a great question: what are you doing in the short term to alleviate the pressures of inflation?


But the problem is that nothing she lists has brought inflation down because they aren’t addressing what is driving it up. Psaki responds, “A huge part of what we’ve done has had an impact already.” You can say that again, all bad, and that’s the real problem here.



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