Biden's Solution for Gas Prices Is Disconnected From All Reality

One of the problems with Joe Biden is that he just doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on and he’s willing to do anything for the radical left agenda, even if that means hurting Americans in the process.


Right now, he’s banning buying Russian oil while prices are skyrocketing. Cutting off Russian oil is a good thing for our national security and independence. But you also have to guarantee our production (or you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face) and he’s not doing that. That means the price of oil (and gas prices) will just keep going up for Americans.

What did Biden say about that yesterday in Texas? Whoops, sorry, there’s “nothing I can do”; it’s all Vladimir Putin’s fault.

But as we noted, it’s not all Putin’s fault, gas prices were skyrocketing before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and there’s plenty Biden can do. He’s not even talking to American producers about what can be done to address the need or lifting restrictions that he has imposed. Instead, he’s just blaming oil companies, claiming they’re not drilling enough, and ignoring all his anti-energy actions.


What is he pushing instead?

He’s saying loosening restrictions won’t help the situation — but doubling down on buying electric vehicles somehow will? Is he going to buy everyone a Tesla? And the charger to put in their home? Does he get that not everyone can just run out and buy one — that they’re expensive and that the middle class/poor he has been crushing with inflation can’t afford to do that when they can’t absorb the gas prices? Plus how would that help the immediate situation? How is that going to help everyone now? Does he know that electricity runs on coal? By the way, we’re buying coal from Russia, too.

There’s no way that this is any kind of solution for the problem of high gas prices now. Biden is either so ignorant, he doesn’t understand that, and/or he doesn’t care. It’s just about meeting the radical narrative and never mind who gets hurt in the process.


By the way, oil is not just for gas, it’s in all kinds of other products as well — so all those prices are going to go up, too. Unless Biden wants to get rid of all those products as well, just like cars?

This is full-on madness. Now it’s become a threat to our national security when Biden refuses to ensure our independence. But it also shows he doesn’t give a darn about most Americans. It’s a complete disconnect from reality — it’s a “let them drive Teslas” Marie Antoinette moment.


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