Police Make Their Final Move at Ambassador Bridge

The standoff at the Ambassador Bridge between Freedom Convoy protesters and the Windsor Police (and other police who have been buttressing their forces) continued into this morning. We reported on Saturday how the police had moved in yesterday but then were largely just holding a line and trying to push the protesters into an ever-smaller space. The number of protesters there has waxed and waned with more in the evenings. According to reports, most of the vehicles had moved out before this morning, but about thirty people and some vehicles were still there. So it stood to reason they’d make another try to move them this morning and they did.


The police moved the media back behind concrete barriers they brought in last night so they were further away from the action.

The police moved in with tow trucks, some of which reportedly came from the United States (because tow trucks in Canada have largely been rejecting such requests) and now more vehicles of those who remain are being towed and people are being arrested.

The difference between peaceful protesters and the BLM? You see it right here — they had pledged that they would not fight police, that they were there to make their point and they held to it.


So they have removed the people at the bridge, saying that they would be charged with “mischief.” It’s not clear if they will attempt to drop on them the questionable charges that Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke about the other day involving things like a $100,000 fine or up to a year in jail — charges he claimed he would impose as part of the “state of emergency” that he declared. The protesters were warned they could face that, yet, still, they stayed.

Blockades continue at less contentious points, although they move against them as well.

Protesters have also used semitrailers — and sometimes farm equipment and other vehicles — to block crossings between Emerson, Manitoba, and Pembina, North Dakota, as well as at the Coutts access point between Alberta and Montana.

And about 50 vehicles have blocked access to the Canadian-US border at Emerson since Thursday, the Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Saturday.

The response? Start another one elsewhere.


There are still thousands of people and hundreds of trucks in Ottawa, which would be much harder to move. They have a line of portapotties right under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s window at Parliament in Ottawa. Somehow, so appropriate.

At what point do they figure out the proper response is to talk with them and resolve the mandates? The provinces are getting it, but not Trudeau.


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