CNN's Brianna Keiler, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Blame 'Right Wing Media' for Freedom Convoy Protest

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I’ve written how liberals like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ottawa city councilor Diane Deans have been trying to blame Americans for the protests in Canada. After trying to smear their fellow Canadians as racists, they’ve now moved on to suggest that it’s Americans behind it all, to negate the opinion of their fellow Canadians and deny that yes, it’s Canadians who are doing this.


Both CNN and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer are now taking that a step further, and trying to blame “right-wing media.”

“Right-wing media is really fueling it,” CNN’s Brianna Keiler claimed.

“We cannot encourage other people to break the law, especially when it throws other Americans out of work,” Whitmer said. “It’s incredibly dangerous,” she declared, saying they were breaking the law in a way that “devastates so many hard-working people. This is families. This is businesses in America that rely on commerce free-flowing.”

Is she kidding? Does she have any self-awareness at all? Does she remember who she is? She can’t even take five days of one bridge blockade affecting her state, when she shut down her state for so long and devastated the economy for millions of families? Does she know how much that cost people in Michigan? How many businesses were closed forever because of it and lives ruined? She enacted one of the most brutal lockdowns of any of the states. As we’ve reported, a new Johns Hopkins study showed how pointless that all was.


As my colleague Duke observed earlier, Whitmer doesn’t seem to understand “this is what democracy looks like,” to coin a phrase.

Right-wing media may admire the action, but they didn’t cause it nor are they responsible for it. She should lay the blame where it does belong — on the mandates.

Let’s talk about who was fueling what, when we watched people like Whitmer not only locking everyone down but then gave BLM actions a pass, and marched with them after all the riots. Here she is propagating the false story about “Hands up, don’t shoot,” something that never happened. Yet this misinformation is still up.

Hundreds of police and other people were attacked during the BLM riots; people were killed, and there was billions of dollars in damage. Talk about “incredibly dangerous” and devastating to Americans. That was devastating, not this.


This is a real, peaceful protest by thousands of Canadians that could be solved simply by following the lead of other governments around the world who have dropped restrictions.


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