Biden Team's Reason We Should Care About Ukraine Breaks All the Hypocrisy Meters

Biden Team's Reason We Should Care About Ukraine Breaks All the Hypocrisy Meters
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Joe Biden’s approach to Russia and Ukraine has been a big mess.

As we previously noted, part of the reason we seem on the brink of a war between Russia and Ukraine is because of the bad moves by Democrats from Barack Obama to Joe Biden. Biden’s actions and remarks have greenlit Russia’s aggression.

Now, there are a variety of reasons that one might give as to why we should care about what is going on in Ukraine including that we made a commitment back in 1994 that if they gave up their weapons we would stand by them. That wouldn’t necessarily mean a military response. What’s kept Russia back for years (until Barack Obama) was the belief that it was going to be costly and they might get a NATO/US response. But now, Joe Biden has told Russia if they did invade Ukraine, they’d ultimately prevail. Not exactly words to ward them off.

But when Biden’s Deputy National Security Adviser Jonathan Finer was asked by CNN’s John Berman why we should care about Ukraine, Finer’s answer broke all the hypocrisy meters.

“It goes to a very fundamental principle of all nations, that, that, our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected,” Finer responded.

Wait, what? So Ukraine’s borders should be inviolate but ours should not? I thought if we listen to the Democrats, borders themselves should be done away with and are racist. But suddenly — when we’re talking about Ukraine — borders are important?

What about caring about our own borders? Or doesn’t our sovereignty matter? Biden surely doesn’t do anything at all to protect ours. The CBP encountered 178,840 illegal immigrants at the border in December 2021. The report was out very late, doubtless because it was so awful. That made this December the worst in DHS history and means there were more than 2 million encountered illegally entering in 2021. Fox’s Bill Melugin noted that the first 3 months of FY’22 have already seen 518,370 encounters, which is double the record from last year.

Maybe Biden could care about our border? You know, that job he’s supposed to be doing under the Constitution?

Finer has also revealed another concern — that the U.S. forces deployed to NATO nations would be under the control of NATO. NATO also took control of the U.S. aircraft carrier group for exercises in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the first time since the end of the Cold War that a full US carrier group has come under NATO command. That raises additional concerns. If anything happens that implicates the NATO allies, that could put our troops at great risk, with them not being fully under our command.

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