About Those '270 Doctors' Calling to Censor Joe Rogan...

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We previously reported on the story about the letter to Spotify from “270 doctors” complaining about Joe Rogan and asking them to “moderate misinformation” on their platform.


So far, Spotify seems to be giving the request to censor all the attention it deserves. Which is to say they appear to be blowing it off. So good on them for standing up for free speech.

But some took a closer look at the media claim about “270 doctors” and went out and found that claim itself was some classic “misinformation.”

Most of the 270 signatories are not medical doctors, so the claim appears jacked by the media to give more medical weight to the letter. But this is typical media inflation for a point or narrative they want to support.

Although in the letter, the group identifies themselves as a “coalition of scientists, medical professionals, professors, and science communicators” they also say “as physicians, we bear the arduous weight of a pandemic that has stretched our medical systems to their limits and only stands to be exacerbated by the anti-vaccination sentiment woven into this and other episodes of Rogan’s podcast.” Yet most of them are not physicians.


The “Ethical Skeptic” made up a chart having fun the narrative.

The problem here is, of course, a bigger one. Why should 270 people have the right to shut down anyone else’s opinion, whether they are medical doctors, “health experts,” or whatever the media is choosing to call them? You could very likely find more people and other veterinarians who are against trying to censor anyone.


When you start down this road, who gets to decide what qualifies as “misinformation?” It becomes whatever is the present acceptable liberal narrative.

If you believe Rogan is wrong, then shouldn’t you believe in the worth of your ideas to carry the day in the free marketplace of ideas? And why are they focused on Joe Rogan? Why don’t they seem to care about the COVID misinformation that has been spread from media outlets like CNN or even the misinformation that has been spread by Joe Biden from the White House? Biden has claimed in the past that if you are vaccinated, you can’t get or transmit the virus. That’s false and can be very problematic if you think that gives you a free pass for the virus. Where’s the letter from these “270 doctors” objecting to that?


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