Biden Tells Such a Whopper, Even the WaPo Showers Him With Pinocchios

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Joe Biden lies. A lot.

One of his more common types of lies is what I would call the “pandering lie” — a lie to convince whatever audience he’s talking to that he’s just like them.


We’ve seen that from him often. When he meets with people connected to trucking, he lies about being a truck driver and driving an 18-wheeler. When he meets with people over fires, he lies about his house burning down with his wife in it (but she got out and his house didn’t burn down).

However, he told a huge whopper when he was in Atlanta the other day, pushing ‘voting rights.’ Now, to be fair, his whole speech was one big lie in claiming that Republicans were trying to deny people the right to vote and comparing them to people like George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Jefferson Davis, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) later said.

What was incredibly ironic about that is that it was Biden who bragged about Wallace praising him and Biden who also voted to restore American citizenship to Jefferson Davis. So Biden, in bringing up this poor attack, just raised the flag of all the racist things that he has said and done in his past.

But he put another offensive lie on top of all that. When he was talking about civil rights, he tried to suggest that he’d been arrested on behalf of the movement.

From Daily Wire:

“I did not live the struggles of Douglass, Tubman, King, Lewis, Goodman, Chaney, Schwerner, countless others known and unknown. I did not walk in the shoes of generation of students who walked these grounds. But I walked other grounds, because I’m so damn old I was there as well. They think I’m kidding, man. It seems like yesterday, the first time I got arrested— anyway,” he said to laughter. “But their struggles, here, they’re the ones that opened my eyes as a high school student in the late 50’s and early 60’s. They got me more engaged in the work of my life.”


Even the Washington Post, which is generally in Biden’s corner, couldn’t forgive that one. They gave him four Pinocchios, the worst rating. They note that even Biden himself didn’t say anything in his book about being arrested during the Civil Rights movement. The Daily Wire piece continued:

“It’s possible that police might have taken the young Biden home from a dangerous situation — as he said twice — but that’s not an arrest,” the Post said. “Moreover, one would think such a memorable incident would have made it into one of Biden’s memoirs. Instead, it’s not mentioned in the book that specifically references the conversation with his mother about joining the ticket. Ordinarily, one would think such a memorable moment in a young man’s life would have merited an earlier recounting.”

“The primary source for this story is Biden — and we’ve learned over the years that he is not always a reliable source. He appears to be citing his mother to enhance his civil rights credentials — which we have noted he has exaggerated before — but too many elements do not add up to give this ‘arrest’ more credibility than his previous claims of getting in trouble with the law,” the paper said.

Now that’s something when even the WaPo has to admit that Joe Biden himself is not a reliable source and has a history of having “exaggerated” before on civil rights. As we previously reported, he has lied about being arrested in South Africa trying to meet with Nelson Mandela. His campaign later said that had never happened and just that he had been separated from his black colleagues at an airport. Oh. Practically the same thing.


Biden himself has clarified that he wasn’t out marching anywhere.

Hardly the “work of his life,” as he now tries to suggest.

But it shows just how shameless he is, when he can tell such a lie.


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