Sen. Roger Marshall Takes Fauci Apart on New Bombshell DARPA Report

Shawn Thew/Pool via AP

Now, I thought it was going to be Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) who took on Dr. Anthony Fauci on the bombshell DARPA report, which we reported on earlier.

Rand Paul did finish off Fauci in a memorable exchange on his desire to silence dissent. Fauci himself provided a meme for the ages which Paul took advantage of and doubtless, it will be altered for more hilarity in the future.


But it was another Republican, Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas, who is also a doctor, who went there on the DARPA report. First, Marshall notes that there were more deaths under Joe Biden than under President Donald Trump. That’s the chart you see behind him in the following video. But then he tells Fauci that 59 percent of Americans didn’t trust him. Fauci replies that that was a real “distortion of reality.”

Next, Marshall hones in on the gain of function research lie. He noted how DARPA rejected a proposal but the NIAID didn’t reject it under Fauci. Marshall asks why had Fauci previously said that they hadn’t funded gain of function research when the report indicated that they had. He also asks if Fauci would commit to providing all the documents on this subject — unreacted — to Congress by the end of this week.

Fauci denies that they had funded the grant, but Marshall says they would have all the supporting information available. Fauci’s response to that is crazy, claiming that Marshall was “backing down from this,” which didn’t match what Marshall had said. Fauci just keeps saying that Marshall is incorrect, so Marshall challenges him to provide all the unredacted information.

Fauci doesn’t respond to that question and Committee Chair Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) once again comes to his rescue, as she did earlier when Rand Paul finished Fauci off. Murray talks about how critical it is to Americans that they are having this hearing — that both sides of the aisle have “asked tough questions” — but she isn’t going to allow “personal attacks.”


How is getting to the bottom of the virus and pointing out where Fauci didn’t tell the truth a “personal attack”? He is in charge, this is on him; this has to do with the virus and his job. If you aren’t willing to talk about that, then you aren’t doing your oversight job on behalf of the American people; you’re just acting to cover up the truth. The question isn’t political, but Fauci’s response and her covering for him are. Americans deserve the truth, and when you block that truth, Americans need to vote you out.


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