Here Comes the Wave as Yet Another Dem Flees the Sinking Ship

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Let the parade begin!

Democrats who see the writing on the wall and who have been around in Congress for a while are seeing this as a good time to pack it in.

The latest to retire is five-term Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA). Lowenthal is the 20th Democrat who will be retiring or otherwise moving on at the end of this term. He’s 80 years old and has been serving in political positions since 1992, almost thirty years.


Generally, you hear a lot of retirements after the holidays. The fact that there have been so many already has to be worrying the Democrats because there are likely even more coming, maybe even more from California.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) pointed to Lowenthal’s exit as the latest sign that Democrats know they are in trouble going into 2022. “Democrats have a full-blown retirement crisis on their hand because voters are rejecting their agenda of higher prices, higher crime, and open borders,” they said in a statement.

On top of what would normally be a tough time for the party in the White House at midterms, you also have a very unpopular Joe Biden with a lot of issues including soaring inflation that Americans are laying at his doorstep. You also have the elections that happened in November in which Republicans did very well. Then you also have polls showing that Americans are preferring Republicans over Democrats for their Congressional choice.


From The Hill:

The GOP has a 10-point edge over Democrats among Americans polled, 44 percent to 34 percent. That’s up from a 2-point advantage from the same survey in October.

The survey, which was reviewed by The Hill, marks the first time the GOP has ever enjoyed a double-digit lead on the question in a CNBC or NBC poll. It is in line with other polls showing Democrats losing on the generic ballot, though few have shown so large a Republican lead.

In a normal midterm — without all those other factors — the party in the White House might lose on average 25 seats and right now, Democrats currently have a 222-213 lead.

Joe Biden made this garbled comment about the midterms, ranting, “Get ready, bal, you’re gonna in for a problem.” In addition to not being English, even CNN then followed up his comment with why what Biden said didn’t make a lot of sense and that the Democrats had a problem on their hands.


The question at this point isn’t if Republicans are going to win, it seems to me, it’s by how much.


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