ESPN Shamelessly Tries to Resell the Bubba Wallace Noose Story as a Thing

AP Photo/John Bazemore

One of the things that we’ve seen over and over again in news stories from mass shootings to an alleged “noose” in a NASCAR garage is people jumping in and pushing their political narrative before getting all the facts.


It’s a staple of Black Lives Matter, for example. When you dig into the stories that they push, there are often critical facts that they leave out of the story. We saw how they didn’t care about the facts in the case of Jussie Smollett; it was just about pushing the ‘correct’ political narrative. That’s why any time you have any politically-charged news story, it’s always a good idea to reserve a certain amount of judgment until you have more facts. Even with video, you may not have the full story.

We’ve had the facts in on the story of Bubba Wallace and the noose in the NASCAR garage for a while now. At least as much as we’re likely to ever get or need. The FBI concluded that there was no racial aspect to the case, since it wasn’t even a noose — it was a garage door pull.


That was back in June 2020.

Yet today, ESPN posted a tweet advertising a documentary/interview with Wallace about the “noose” in Wallace’s garage with an emotional video about how he and NASCAR dealt with it and all the “hate.”

Nowhere in the video does it say that it wasn’t a “noose” and that there was no “hate” directed at Wallace. ESPN itself reported on the FBI statement, so they know full well it wasn’t a noose.

So then what are they doing here with this video clip? If it was just about saying that everyone was very embracing of Bubba Wallace, they would have included that it wasn’t a noose and they wouldn’t have been talking about “hate” in the video. No, they still appear to be trying to push it as though it was real, even now, even with the FBI’s findingz and their own reporting on it.


If that’s to get clicks and draw more of an audience for what is now a total non-story, that’s pretty despicable and sick. This is effectively fake news at this point, and they appear to have no shame in putting it out without a disclaimer, despite being ratioed into next week over it by a boatload of people.

Meanwhile, Twitter — which is always moaning about misleading things on its platform — hasn’t said a darn thing about it that I can tell. The tweet is still up without any further explanation.


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