Press Conference on Waukesha Attack: Person of Interest in Custody

SUV hits Christmas parade in Waukesha. Credit: screenshot, Benny Johnson/Twitter

As we reported earlier, there was a horrible attack by a red SUV on the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, with more than 20 people reportedly injured — some were children and there were some fatalities in the incident, according to the police chief. An officer fired at the vehicle to get the driver to stop his vehicle.


There is reportedly a person of interest in custody, but the police chief said the investigation was still fluid.

There was a report of a shelter in place order earlier, as well as a power outage in the area, but the police now confirm that the area is safe.

They said they issued the shelter in place so people would not go through the scene, disturb the crime scene, and disrupt evidence.

The city’s Mayor Sean Reilly called it a “senseless tragedy.”


But officials also didn’t answer a lot of the questions, and the area blackout is still in effect.

Here was a report on the victims — 11 adults and 12 children wounded — but they refused to talk about the number of fatalities.

We’ll keep you updated.


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