BLM Leader Apparently 'Crossed State Lines' and Got Arrested at Rittenhouse Trial

Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

How many times have we heard media types waxing on about how Kyle Rittenhouse had committed some kind of sin by going to Kenosha to try to help out — by “crossing state lines.” Usually they would accompany that “crossed state lines” with “while armed,” because they don’t understand the facts in the case. The gun Rittenhouse used was with a friend in Kenosha.


What an odd thing to make a sin out of “crossing state lines,” for a kid who lived about a half an hour a way, and whose father and grandmother lived in Kenosha.

What’s more odd is media has absolutely no problem with illegal aliens crossing country lines to get here, or with BLM/Antifa crossing state lines to riot in Kenosha and burn things down. Do they have a problem with an MSNBC producer crossing state lines to hunt down the jury? They only had an issue with someone trying to help out.

Speaking of those state lines, one of the people arrested yesterday during violence outside the Kenosha courthouse, where the jury is still deliberating, is not only BLM but yes, she also committed that deadly sin of “crossing state lines.”

The two arrested were 20-year-old Anthony Chacon and 30-year-old Shaquita Cornelious.

Chacon was charged with felony bail jumping, misdemeanor bail jumping, battery, resisting and disorderly conduct, Sgt. David Wright, a spokesman for the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department, confirmed to Fox News Digital.


That was the guy caught on video body slamming a member of the media.

Warning for language:

But he obviously has other offenses, because he was charged with bail-jumping.

Cornelious was charged with resisting, disorderly conduct, and possession of marijuana.

Cornelious identifies herself as co-chairperson of a Black Lives Matter chapter in Lake County, Illinois, her Facebook profile says. Lake County is about 28 minutes from Kenosha. Antioch, where Rittenhouse lives, is about 35.

So, will we hear about what Cornelious was doing crossing state lines from all the media? I’m guessing not.


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