Biden Tells One Heck of a Whopper About His House Burning Down

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I thought that Joe Biden’s brain breaking during his remarks in New Hampshire about the passage of his infrastructure bill was the worst part of his remarks. But I beg your forgiveness, there’s more in addition to what I wrote about earlier. As I’ve frequently said about Joe Biden, he keeps topping himself in terms of how low he can go.


He was in Woodstock, New Hampshire talking about infrastructure, but slipping in some stuff that I think was also about climate change and how severe storms could be.

“More fires in the West burned to the ground homes, businesses, and forests than the entire state of New Jersey,” Biden said. Then he seemed to completely lose his train of thought. “Why is it happening? Well, the severe storms that are knocking down all the wires, anyway, there’s a lot going on,” Biden said, seemingly unable to finish whatever he’d had in his head.

Biden then moved on to the importance of having bridges, Instead of saying, hey, you need it for your basic travel, he came up with a more extreme example.


“How do I cross a bridge in a snowstorm?” Biden declared. “What happens if the bridge collapses and there’s a fire on the other side? It’s gonna take ten miles longer to get to the fire. People could die.”

One of Biden’s problems is that he has to pander or appear to “relate” to whatever group of people to whom he is talking. So if he’s talking to truck drivers, he makes up a story of having driven an 18-wheeler. Or when he’s talking to train workers or about transportation he has to tell his fake Angelo Negri story that’s been debunked — I don’t know how many times at this point — about how many miles Joe has ridden on Amtrak.

In this case, a little bit further into the remarks, he talked about the importance of responding to fires. He claimed that he had “a house burn down with my wife in it.” He quickly added, “She got out safely, God willing, but having a significant portion of it burn, I can tell, ten minutes makes a hell of a difference.”


No, he didn’t have a house burn down with his wife in it. And no, a significant portion of it didn’t burn.

He did have a fire in his home in 2004 when lightning struck during a storm. According to the AP at the time, the lightning started a small fire that was contained within the kitchen. Cranston Heights Fire Company Chief George Lamborn said, “We got it pretty early” and “The fire was under control in 20 minutes.” Now, obviously, it sounds like it could have been dangerous if not caught quickly. But like everything with Joe Biden, it’s exaggerated to the nth degree.

Add this to the many, many lies — and things that never happened — from the mouth of Joe Biden. I’d say that’s a little more than he “misspoke.” Misspeaking is accidentally saying the wrong word. Claiming your house burnt down with your wife in it when it didn’t is not misspeaking. It’s just lying.

But he’s been telling lies for decades from lying about being in the top of his class when he was in the bottom, lying even about the death of his first wife claiming she was killed by a drunk driver when that wasn’t true — smearing a man who was haunted then for the rest of his life by the claim. It’s a long and continuing problem and it’s troubling to have such a problem in the alleged leader of the free world.


In the context of all this, he was talking about how important bridges are to being able to respond in an emergency. You know what else is important to being able to respond? Having the first responders. Biden has been a proponent of vaccine mandates. But such vaccine mandates are getting first responders suspended and terminated or the mandates are closing firehouses — you’re talking about people not having the firefighters or the police to respond, as Biden got to respond to save his house. Maybe that’s something he should think about when he’s pushing these things on people.


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