Rittenhouse Prosecutor Shocks Everyone With What He Does With AR-15 in Court

Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

The prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, ADA Thomas Binger, made a big deal during his closing argument, trying to paint Rittenhouse as some sort of reckless shooter, not caring about who he aimed or shot his gun at, despite the prosecution’s own police witness testifying that Rittenhouse only shot those who attacked him first.


Binger, for example, argued that Rittenhouse put reporter Richie McGinniss in danger by shooting at Rosenbaum while McGinniss was behind him, claiming he was in the line of fire. That is in fact one of the charges that Rittenhouse allegedly recklessly endangered McGinniss’s safety.

But you may not believe what Binger did next in the course of trying to make his point about Rittenhouse’s actions. He picked up the AR-15 that was an exhibit in the courtroom and pointed it at people including the jury. Check the finger placement, too.

Close up:

From PJ Media:

“That is what provokes this entire incident,” Binger told jurors at some point during his gun-waving close. “When the defendant provokes this incident, he loses the right to self-defense. You cannot claim self-defense against a danger you create.”

Can we say “yikes”? In the very act of trying to admonish Kyle Rittenhouse for his alleged recklessness, Binger shows all the ways in which you should not be handling a gun – always check a gun when you get it, never point it at anyone, assume it’s loaded and never put your finger like that near the trigger unless you intend to shoot.


Now, he claimed that his assistant checked it for him. But he didn’t check it himself. How did that work out for Alec Baldwin? That gun went through the hands of three people, including the assistant director who declared it safe before handing it to Baldwin. But it wasn’t. You always check it and you never point it at anyone in any event. Binger’s violating that basic rule of gun safety, maybe he doesn’t even understand that’s a basic rule in order to try to make the gun seem more evil to the jury by pointing it at them. Very bad move.

This is how people get hurt, and boy, does it blow up his case – once again – about who the truly reckless people have been in this case.


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