We Just May Have the Dumbest Moments in the Rittenhouse Trial

Mark Hertzberg /Pool Photo via AP

There are definitely a lot of dumb moments that we could point to today in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Indeed, the very fact that this case was brought at all was ridiculous and seemingly political, to begin with.


But beyond the improper actions of the prosecution that we spoke about earlier and the wild effort by the prosecutor to somehow bring video games into the case, we may even have a dumber moment that shows just how at sea the prosecutor, Thomas Binger, is in this case. Plus, we have a truly dumb media moment, courtesy of liberal “journalist” troll Aaron Rupar.

The prosecution has been trying to paint Rittenhouse as someone who came to Kenosha looking for trouble, which is actually pretty ironic given that’s how you would describe the folks from BLM/Antifa who were torching the city and attacking people. Not Rittenhouse, who was attacked by people and only shot those who attacked him.

But Binger was clearly flailing when he asked Kyle about why he ran toward one of the fires the rioters set, carrying a fire extinguisher. Our friend John Sexton, who writes for our sister site, Hot Air, caught the moment.

“It was a fire?” Rittenhouse responded, obviously thinking the prosecution has lost it at this point.


Can we say facepalm? What the heck?

Apparently, Binger was trying to argue that it was somehow inappropriate to have a fire extinguisher, try to put out fires, and help provide first aid to people. But I guess that’s now bad. You’re not allowed to do that.

My colleague Sister Toldjah hit on the bad take Bakari Sellers had about Rittenhouse’s testimony.

But the winner for dumbest media take of the day had to be from Rupar. The judge’s phone went off while he was hearing the motion from the defense for a mistrial with prejudice that we also reported on earlier.

Here’s Rupar’s take on what having Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” as your ringtone means.


I’ll say this slowly for Aaron and whatever other crazy people may buy into this insanity: Stop the madness. Talk about diving down a rabbit hole of nuttiness.

The folks on the left have completely lost their minds on a festival of conspiracy theories like this. They’re not paying attention or caring about the facts showing that this was self-defense because that would disrupt and call into question their whole view of reality. It’s the same reason they opted for Russia collusion for all these years despite that never making any sense and even in the face of the Democrats’ involvement in that smear.

In their mind, Rittenhouse is a wild-eyed racist militia member who went to Kenosha to shoot up black people. Now, none of that is true, but hey, since when did truth matter to folks like Rupar and many of his associates on the left?


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