Jeffrey Toobin's Grasp on the Rittenhouse Case Is Raising Eyebrows

Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

We’ve seen a lot of bad media reaction to the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Here’s a supercut of some of the worst, which demonstrates that they have no idea what the facts of the case are, and instead spread all kinds of lies and don’t care about the truth.


All of these people should face a suit for defamation after the close of this trial. The simplest thing for them to “fact check” is whether or not he carried the gun across state lines, yet they don’t even do that and just keep repeating the lie that he did.

We can argue about the question of whether it was a smart thing for Rittenhouse to be there amongst all the crazy violent BLM/Antifa people. But as he testified, his family had been part of the community, he was there helping to clean off the graffiti from the rioters when he met the car dealers who had had their cars burned and he offered to help. The prosecution is trying to act like he didn’t have a right to want to go there to protect the community. But the point is that doesn’t make a difference in terms of a claim of self-defense. The prosecution’s whole case is based on that irrelevant premise. The only thing in question in this trial as to the greater charges is whether he was justified in defending himself in the three instances in which he shot people. The prosecutor may be trying to argue that Rittenhouse can’t argue self-defense because he provoked action, as my colleague Dennis Santiago suggested. But the problem with that is that the prosecutor didn’t present any evidence to actually support that claim that Rittenhouse did anything to provoke the attacks. And indeed the prosecution has helped to prove self-defense already over the course of the trial.


One media person who attacked Rittenhouse, calling him an idiot, was exactly the person who has no real grounds to call anyone else an idiot, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. Now, if you recall, Toobin was the guy who was masturbating on a Zoom call with other members of the New Yorker and WNYC radio. He was suspended, but now he’s back and apparently it’s all cool with CNN. So beyond all the other questions about the incident in addition to it being completely vile, he has to be one of the biggest idiots ever. So really, don’t talk about anyone else, Jeffrey. Why does he still have a job?

But notice, even while providing himself the cover of calling Rittenhouse an “idiot” so he wouldn’t completely invoke the ire of the left, Toobin, as an attorney, knows that the prosecution is in deep trouble. Even he concedes that it’s a “tough case” for the prosecution. When you’ve even lost the folks at CNN and this is all they can do to spin this, you know it’s bad for the prosecution. Not only did the prosecution implode its own case, they got ripped apart by the judge today for their improper actions. The defense has moved for a mistrial, with prejudice (meaning the prosecution can’t bring the case again). The judge is taking it under advisement.


Toobin did get smacked hard over his, ahem, grasp on the case, with many reminding him of his own actions.


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