Judge Rips Prosecutor to Shreds Again in Rittenhouse Trial: 'I Don't Believe You'

Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

As we reported earlier, the judge in the Rittenhouse trial blasted the prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, for commenting on Kyle Rittenhouse’s silence despite the right to remain silent. Judge Bruce Schroeder lit into him saying how this had been settled law for decades and as an experience prosecutor, he should know better.


But the judge was also disturbed with the prosecutor for trying to use evidence which the judge said he had excluded and he chastised the prosecutor for not even asking. “Don’t get brazen with me!” the judge shouted at Binger.

The judge said he had heard nothing in the trial to change his mind as to his rulings and so why did the prosecutor think he could get away with trying to enter the evidence? “You know very well,” the judge chastised Binger, saying he knows to ask outside the presence of the jury if he had a question and wanted to ask if it was alright to present the evidence. “There’s nothing in your case suggesting that defendant was lying in wait to shoot anyone,” Judge Schroeder said.

Binger then tries to argue that he thought the evidence he was trying to get in hadn’t been included in the judge’s prior ruling so that he had room to bring it up on his cross-examination of Rittenhouse. “My good faith feeling this morning after watching that testimony was, you had left the door open a little bit, now we had something new and I was going to probe it,” Binger argued.


“I don’t believe you,” the judge said. “There’d better not being another incident.” He then said to the defense, “I’ll take that motion under advisement,” referring to their motion for a mistrial with prejudice. “And you can respond,” he says to Binger. “When you say you were acting in good faith, I don’t believe you,” Schroeder said, lowering the boom on Binger.

Even if Binger thought that if it were anywhere in the realm of what the judge said, he should have had a side bar and asked permission from the judge to enter any questionable evidence. But he didn’t which is why the judge wasn’t believing he was acting in good faith. He just wanted to enter the evidence and he wasn’t going to let the ruling stop him. That’s basically what the defense was saying in arguing for a mistrial with prejudice because the prosecutor was allegedly acting improperly with purpose to prevent an acquittal.

So we’ll have to see how the judge comes decides on that motion, but it’s very clear that he’s had enough of Binger and all his tricks. Meanwhile, you know how far down the rabbit hole some in the liberal media have been going when they lose their minds over the judge having “God Bless the USA” as the ringtone on his phone because President Donald Trump has played that at his rallies. Obviously, conspiracy! How dare anyone like that song or the USA! That’s where we’re at with how they are reporting on this trial.



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