Judge Loses It on Rittenhouse Prosecution for Improper Actions

Judge Loses It on Rittenhouse Prosecution for Improper Actions
Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

Today, the defense made a questionable move to put Kyle Rittenhouse on the stand to testify.

But the prosecution, which has been imploding throughout the trial, continued to do so today and Judge Bruce Schroeder just let them have it for their improper actions.

The defense objected to the prosecution commenting on the defendant’s right to remain silent. Then the Judge lit into the prosecution for those improper comments. The prosecution is never supposed to be talking about or drawing conclusions about remaining silent or not.

Here’s the judge calling it a “grave constitutional violation.”

But the judge didn’t stop there. He continued to rip into the prosecutor.

Wow. When the judge says “it gives…” and then says he’ll stop, the judge is saying that this gives the defense an argument for a mistrial. But at this point, given how the case has spooled out and the lack of evidence that the prosecution has, they don’t want a mistrial, they want an acquittal and to be done with the case.

As we previously mentioned, the defense could even have moved for a directed verdict after the prosecution rested its case given the failure of the prosecution to prove its case.

We’ll stay tuned, but it’s already heating up.

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