Biden Says You Can Tell a Lot About Chris Dodd by How He Treats Waitresses

Biden Says You Can Tell a Lot About Chris Dodd by How He Treats Waitresses
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Joe Biden visited the University of Connecticut today to dedicate its Human Rights Center to former senator from Connecticut and now lobbyist, Christopher Dodd.

Biden is a long time friend of Dodd’s. Dodd was even involved in helping Biden pick his running mate, who ended up being Kamala Harris.

That says a lot about Biden, that he would have the execrable Dodd as such a close friend. Of course, Biden has his own history of allegations of improper behavior with women.

But of all the things to say when you’re trying to claim what a wonderful guy Dodd is, maybe the one thing you shouldn’t try to claim is how well he treats waitresses. However, that’s exactly what Biden did during his remarks — saying that you know people by how they would treat a waiter or a waitress.

Why is this a very bad thing to say? Because for Americans with long memories, Dodd isn’t known for his “human rights” acumen. He’s known for the story about the “waitress sandwich” he allegedly made with Sen. Ted Kennedy back in December 1985.

According to a GQ article focused on Ted Kennedy’s boozing and indiscretions, Kennedy and Dodd and their very young blonde dates were at the Brasserie restaurant in D.C., heavily drinking. The dates went to the bathroom. Then, a waitress, Carla Gaviglio, walked into the private room where the two men were. Then allegedly, Kennedy, 6’2″ and 225 pounds, picked up the 5’3,” 103 pound waitress and threw her on the dining table, breaking glasses and items. He then threw her on top of Dodd, who was sitting in a chair. Then Kennedy began grinding on her, with her in between him and Dodd. Another waitress walked into the room at that moment, and both waitresses screamed, bringing the dishwashers on the run. That ended the alleged incident. The waitress Carla Gaviglio confirmed the incident to GQ. The other waitress also confirmed that she saw Kennedy on top of Gaviglio, on top of Dodd.

If there’s anyone who should be aware that “waitress” would be the wrong word to say, it should be Biden, who served with Dodd for so many years in the Senate.

Even folks on the left like Nomiki Konst had issues with Biden last year, when he picked Dodd to be on his running mate selection committee.

What it shows again is just how divorced from the truth Biden will get or how far gone he is, if he didn’t even realize what he was saying. Biden even made the remarks today to “Ambassador Kennedy” (that’s Caroline Kennedy, former Obama/Biden Administration ambassador to Japan and niece of Ted Kennedy).

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