More Dem Division: Black Voices Upset With How Biden Has Treated Kamala Harris

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Joe Biden has been doing so badly in the polls that, by comparison, Kamala Harris seems to be rising.

She’s still not doing particularly well. But, because she hasn’t gotten as much negative press as he has lately, and she’s been more hiding out, she’s fared better. Pollster John Zogby is warning, however, any buzz for Harris rising seems to be just inside the Beltway — he isn’t seeing it elsewhere.


Harris is caught in the middle, when it comes to the situation she’s in now. She’s attached herself to an incredibly weak person who’s cratering in popularity and whose policies are an abysmal train wreck. That’s not, ultimately, a good look for anyone who wants to run again, and she most certainly does.

Kamala is like Biden in that whenever she opens her mouth, she has a tendency to stick her foot in it, accompanied by an annoying cackle. So, the more she hides out, the better off she generally is — as long as the attention isn’t focused on her.

But to her supporters and some black voices, they don’t think that Biden has helped her with the jobs that he’s given her that haven’t served her well, such as the border issue.

From Washington Examiner:

“Her portfolio is trash,” said friend Bakari Sellers of Biden’s assignment to her of immigration and election reform. “You give someone a portfolio that’s not meant for them to succeed,” he said at a discussion hosted this week by Washington’s Politics and Prose bookstore.

While an impressive list of issues, he said that Biden has stopped her from making progress and often blocked her path by compromising with congressional Democrats on issues such as ending the filibuster.

“The reason I call it trash, which is a colloquialism to describe a no-win situation, is because you did not give her something where she could be successful. You did not give her something that best used her talents to improve the plight of many people in this country, particularly people of color. For example, immigration, I mean, allow her to go to the border and have a conversation,” he added.


Sellers is most certainly right about that. Giving someone the border crisis, with no effort to really resolve it, is a guaranteed stinker and it hasn’t helped her. On the other hand, as far as I know, she could have gone to the borderfor more than a layover and done more than she has, in fact, done. Is Sellers saying they aren’t letting her do more? That would be an interesting, if that were true.

Former White House official Keith Boykin also took an implicit shot at Joe Biden, saying that Harris was going to be harmed because she was working for someone who didn’t have a “pro-black agenda.”

“I think she’s in a bad, bad position,” he said. “I don’t think it’s just a question of messaging. She’s working for an administration that is not aggressively pushing a pro-black agenda, and I don’t think she’s going to be very successful in 2024 or 2028 and in reaching out to black voters if she’s tied to a Biden administration that is incapable of accomplishing anything for black people,” he added.

But she signed aboard, knowing Biden had issues. Indeed, she even called out Biden’s issues on race during the campaign in the primary debates. This shouldn’t be a surprise to her or to anyone else.


Bottom line? She bought aboard this sinking ship, and she’s earned whatever blowback it may cost her.


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