Sinema Is Accosted Again, After Dems Fail to Decry Harassment

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Democrats are political animals.

They don’t give a darn who they run over in their quest for power, even if that includes one of their own.

You would have thought that Democrats would have come out strongly in condemning Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) being harassed. While Joe Biden superficially said he didn’t think the tactics were appropriate, he normalized it saying it was “part of the process” and “happens to everybody.” Of course, the activists were acting on behalf of his bill, as well.


Democrats were very quiet when it came to any criticism of Sinema’s harassment.

On top of that, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) refused to sign aboard a statement condemning the harassment — unless it also included remarks criticizing Sinema for her political stance. So, it’s not clear if the statement is actually going to be published, according to Axios. That’s how twisted Democrats are at this point; they can’t even make a basic statement that it’s obviously wrong to chase someone into a bathroom and film them there.

So what does that mean? It means that without any conscience or condemnation of this kind of harassing behavior, the behavior will continue.

After the bathroom incident, they harassed her in the airport, with one of them even buying a ticket and bothering her on the plane.

Now today, leftists were at it again. Radical left activist group Code Pink posted a video — likely of one of their people — accosting Sinema on the street and then following her to her car, badgering her about Biden’s Build Back Better plan.


From Fox News:

“Who are you gonna leave out for the Build Back Better Biden agenda?” the person asked in a video posted to Twitter. “Can you talk with us, please, today? Congresswoman?” the person asked, mistaking Sinema’s title.

After the woman was corrected that Sinema was actually a senator, she continued, “Senator Sinema, would you please tell the majority of Americans who support Build Back Better why you won’t vote for it? Who are you going to leave behind? Seniors who need health care? Folks who need housing? The climate crisis? Who are you going to leave behind, senator?”

Now, at least that’s on a public street and not in a bathroom. It wasn’t clear if Sinema had security, or if the one person with her was perhaps a staffer. But there’s a continuing pattern of harassment that these leftists feel empowered to engage in — because of the basic lack of condemnation by the liberal elites at large.

As to Code Pink’s greater point in their tweet about the military, the Constitution empowers the federal government to provide for the common defense of the country. It doesn’t empower the government to provide for “the common social spending.” But 65% of the Biden budget is already being spent on social spending. Far less is spent on the military.


This is really so wrong that Democrats don’t speak out. So far, the people who have spoken out forcefully against this kind of harassment are Republicans. One would have to think that if Democrats keep throwing Sinema under the bus, that she might go full maverick, throw them under the bus, and become an independent or Republican. Then Democrats will have fully earned that result with their shameful behavior on all this.


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