Biden Insults 9/11 Dead at Memorial, Then Tries to Use Them to Incoherently Defend Himself

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Someone wasn’t watching Joe Biden yesterday when he was in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at the 9/11 memorial event. I’m not sure what happened to the handlers but they completely failed in their jobs yesterday.


The idea of his prerecorded comments about the 20th anniversary of 9/11 was to have control over what he said. But then, while he was in Shanksville, he spoke to reporters on video that ran on C-Span, letting out rambling, sometimes insulting, and sometimes incoherent remarks. So he ended up defeating the purpose of the prerecorded comments and stepping in it anyway.

We covered some of the remarks already here and here, and here’s a link to all the remarks that are just a festival of rambling crazy.

But that wasn’t all.

He attacked people who worked on Wall Street on 9/11, seemingly failing to understand that many of the victims at the WTC were connected to Wall Street, like equities trader Welles Crowther, the man in the red bandana.

And so it’s all tied. And meeting with these people — you know, I know you’re all tired of hearing me say, you know — a lot of good folks on Wall Street, but they didn’t build the country. Hardworking middle-class folks built this country, and the unions built the middle class. It’s about time we start showing them some real respect again.

How does this guy think he’s a unifier? Stop attacking Americans, Joe Biden. Very bad day to pull out the leftist canard. Wall Street people built America, too. Welles Crowther saved Americans on 9/11. Don’t throw out pat phrases you think appeal to your base about the middle class when you are making life incredibly hard on everyone including the middle class with what you have done and what you intend to do with mandates, inflation, and the rest of your disastrous actions. His comment means he really doesn’t understand who died on 9/11 and why the World Trade Center was a target.


Biden made it clear that he had been checking the polls and saw how horribly he was doing. But he had an answer for that. He was asked how do you get back to that “state of unity” that he was talking about?

By being honest when I make a mistake, by being straightforward, telling people exactly what I want to do, letting them know and — know that there’s nothing — no hiding the ball.

You know, if you take a look at the polling data, it is down — as my numbers have dropped — you’ve seen that my package is overwhelmingly popular. Overwhelmingly popular.

I think he needs to check those polls again, because people are not liking his “package” or what he’s shown them on Afghanistan, on inflation, or he wouldn’t have such dismal falling numbers.

He’s clearly getting that people are angry at him and he then tried to use the deaths of the people on Flight 93 as a defense against people criticizing him in a warped statement.


“What would the people who died be thinking?” Biden declared. “They think it makes sense to be doing this kinda thing where you ride down the street and see a sign that says ‘F so-and-so’?” No, really, this day wasn’t about you and the dead aren’t props for you to use. Just stop already.

Biden claimed something he’s said in the past that “serious Republicans” are reaching out to him saying “What can I do to help?” He doesn’t name who they are, he never has. Because you’d find that it isn’t as he paints it. But then he went over into incoherence again.

“What do you want to do with Biden?” “I want to box him.” I mean — you know. I should be so lucky. You know what I mean?

But it is — the kinds of things — or, you know, the stuff that’s coming out of Florida, the stuff that’s coming out of — you know, “If Robert E. Lee had been in Afghanistan, we would have won.” Anyway, I’m telling you too much.”

He is telling us too much. He forgets he’s the one who had challenged President Donald Trump to fight during the campaign in another odd statement. He’s revealing how off he is with this rambling. This just makes no sense.


Here are the full remarks:


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