BREAKING: House Passes Bill to Keep Government Open

The House just passed the continuing resolution to fund the government that the Senate passed about an hour ago, averting a government shutdown and keeping it all in business.


The temporary stopgap funding measure passed 254-175, with 34 Republicans joining Democrats. Now it goes on to Joe Biden to be signed, so that the government doesn’t run out of money.

The Senate had passed it earlier on Thursday, 65-35, with 15 Republicans joining Democrats.

But the Republicans did prevail on an important point in the passage, as we mentioned earlier — the bill does not include any provision to raise the country’s debt ceiling, because Republicans rejected any attempt to get it in there, and they ultimately prevailed. McConnell has insisted that the Republicans not sign aboard lifting it, especially given the Democrats intention to spend trillions in new spending.

“What Republicans laid out all along was a clean continuing resolution without the poison pill of a debt limit increase,” McConnell said. “That’s exactly what we’ll pass today.”


So, that’s what the House signed aboard as well.

That was main threat that had to be resolved today.

But it’s unclear if the other bills the Democrats have hanging out in the wind will prevail, as they are stuck in a stalemate between progressive and moderate Democrats. It’s still unclear if the infrastructure bill that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ((D-CA) had said would be voted on today will be. It didn’t appear to have the votes to pass at last check, with the progressives holding it up.


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