ABC Cuts Part of Obama Interview That Makes Biden Look Bad

ABC Cuts Part of Obama Interview That Makes Biden Look Bad
Chip Somodevilla/Pool Photo via AP

Barack Obama has been stumping for the Biden ‘Build Back Better’ bill. Or is it the “Obama agenda,” in the words of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Obama went on “Good Morning America” to talk about the groundbreaking for his presidential center. But he also promoted the bill, which is a collection of a lot of long-term Democratic agenda items and a big power grab for control. We reported on some of the bad aspects of it including that it’s probably going to cost a lot more than $3.5 trillion. That’s why the Democratic push to claim it costs zero dollars is even more bizarre and untruthful.

But even Obama is apparently subject to the censoring of the media — if they don’t think what he says is in line with the Democratic narrative.

In this case he said something that could be very harmful to the Biden Administration:  that “open borders” were “unsustainable.” The clip was posted on Twitter prior to the show being aired.

“Immigration is tough. It always has been because, on the one hand, I think we are naturally a people that wants to help others. And we see tragedy and hardship and families that are desperately trying to get here so that their kids are safe, and they’re in some cases fleeing violence or catastrophe,” Obama told Robin Roberts. “At the same time, we’re a nation state. We have borders. The idea that we can just have open borders is something that … as a practical matter, is unsustainable,” he said.

That appeared to be a direct slap at the crisis now happening at the border. And it flies in direct contradiction to the spin that the White House has been trying to put out, despite the evidence of our own eyes, of people just pouring across the border recently in Del Rio, Texas.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was even asked about Obama’s remarks, got all huffy, and claimed, “We don’t have open borders.” Oof, pretty embarrassing.

Apparently too embarrassing for ABC.

When the interview with Obama was aired on “Good Morning America,” those comments from Obama were cut out, according to Fox News, as Jacqui Heinrich reported on Fox News’ “Special Report With Bret Baier.”

Instead, ABC did include a part where Obama attacked Republicans for not passing immigration reform. They also failed to include Obama’s open border remarks when they reported about the Obama interview on “ABC World News Tonight.”

When even Obama is being cut, you know how out of control this has all gotten — with the media spinning to fit the narrative.

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