The Gen. Mark Milley Interview That Should Infuriate All Americans

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Joe Biden was convinced that no one would care if he just pulled out of Afghanistan.

He’s been saying since at least 2010 that he just wanted to get out, as we wrote last month. When asked about obligations to people in Afghanistan, he said, ‘F**k that, we don’t have to worry about that. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.’”


But in addition to the horrible withdrawal — pulling out troops before he got out American citizens and Afghan allies — he refused to properly apprise Americans and the Congress as to the true factual situation in Afghanistan. In July, he lied and said that the intelligence community and the military weren’t advising him that the country was going to fall within the year, that the Afghan army could hold off the Taliban, despite the fact that the Taliban had taken over half the country at that point. As we later found out, he was advised in June that it could fall immediately after we pulled out at the end of August by the State Department. As we know now because of a leaked call, also in July, he was talking with Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and trying to encourage him to tell the public that the Afghan army could beat back the Taliban “whether it was true or not.” Meanwhile, he waived his legal obligation to tell Congress if he reduced troops below 2,000 using Department of Defense money what the status was in-country as to the terrorist problem and the weakness of the Afghan army. He was supposed to brief Congress about the expected impact on U.S. counterterrorism operations, the risk for the expansion of terrorism, and the capacity of the Afghan security forces to deal with it all. So Biden was telling the Afghans they should put out a story “whether it’s true or not” while stiff-arming Congress and Americans as to the real facts.


Biden has tried to argue Afghanistan was a “success,” repeating again and again that he achieved the goals of getting Osama bin Laden after 9/11 and making sure that we couldn’t be hit again with a terrorist attack out of Afghanistan. Just forget about the dead and stranded Americans and Afghan allies. While the first goal was achieved — getting bin Laden — Biden himself was against the action at the time. And the second goal isn’t even close to being achieved. He’s now left us with a terrible situation of a terrorist state not just because of the Taliban, but because of al Qaeda and ISIS on the rise, an invigorated terrorist network, and a Taliban with billions of dollars worth of American weaponry as well. Not to mention giving the Chinese a strategic foothold in the country as well, with the Taliban announcing that China would be their partner to legitimize them to international markets.

But Gen. Mark Milley, the head of the Joint Chiefs, revealed in an interview with Fox’s Jennifer Griffin just how soon this may get very bad. Listen to what he says in part of the interview if you are prepared to be infuriated. This interview from over the weekend has gotten barely any attention and yet, it’s incredibly damning, even if Milley didn’t intend it to be.


“Is the U.S. safer today since it has withdrawn from Afghanistan?” Griffin asked. Milley said this was something he thought a lot about, that he thought the situation was likely to develop into a “civil war.” He said he didn’t know if the Taliban was going to be able to establish “governments.” He said that civil war could lead to a “reconstitution of al Qaeda or growth of ISIS or other myriad of terrorist groups.”

“The short answer to your question is we don’t know yet,” Milley said. “But the conditions are very likely, in my opinion…you could see a resurgence of terrorism coming out of that region within 12, 24, 36 months.”

So we left a valuable strategic position over which we had had control with a small force. Instead, we lost American lives and damaged our credibility around the world, stranded Americans and our allies to be butchered, only to be told, virtually on the eve of 9/11, by the guy behind the pull-out that terrorism is going to come back to bite us very soon.


So the answer to her question is “No, we’re not safer” and we’re going to have to go back again to deal with the failure these ridiculous people have left behind. But Milley didn’t have enough moral fiber to say anything to prevent this debacle and we’re still going to have to pay for it in the future.


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