Tornadoes, Emissions and Incoherence, Oh My: Biden Blows a Fuse Pushing Climate Change

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden got heckled today when he visited Manville, New Jersey because of the flood damage from Hurricane Ida.

He also went to New York to inspect the flood damage there.


During his trip, any time his handlers let him out, they had to be crossing their fingers hoping that he wouldn’t say anything incoherent or crazy because it seems like he always does. Joe Biden being Joe Biden, he was right on cue again today with more of the confusion.

Biden was beating the drum of climate change. It’s now a regular Democratic mantra every time there is a hurricane or some other extreme weather to invoke “climate change is getting worse” and we must act quickly if we are going to save the world! Biden was describing bad weather and suggesting it was hitting everywhere when he inexplicably said, “Looks like a tornado…We don’t call them that anymore.”

Yes, Joe, we still call them tornadoes. What does he think we call it if we don’t call it a tornado? A Biden twister? But indeed, when he’s not operating from a script, he’s completely lost and goes off into the weeds, making no sense. “Wetlands in Iowa and Nevada?” There are wetlands virtually everywhere but there are two places not known for wetlands, so again, not sure what he was trying to say.


Biden then appeared with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in New York, in Queens, which was also hard hit by Hurricane Ida. Once again he seems to get lost in his own words. But this time, he even had notes, but still couldn’t figure out what he was supposed to say.

“This summer alone, communities with over 100 million Americans, 100 America Americans call home have been struck by extreme weather.” What is an America American? More lack of teleprompter fail. Biden always has a lot of trouble with numbers every time he starts relying on them. I’m really not sure what he’s saying here, what communities have over 100 million Americans? I think he might be saying that 1/3 of Americans have been hit by extreme weather, but I don’t even think that’s true.

But then Joe topped himself. He seemed to promise that he was going to go back in time. He committed to “zero emissions from 2020.”


“By 2020, [we want to] make sure all of our electricity is zero emissions,” Biden ranted. What year is it, Joe? Do you even know? I’m not really sure that he does. But it’s pretty bad when the alleged leader of the free world doesn’t know what year we’re in.


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