Biden's Excuse for Bad Jobs Numbers Comes Back and Smacks Him Hard

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The new jobs numbers are in and they’re not good, as we reported earlier.

It was such a miss, at 235,000 non-farm jobs added — it was 500,000 below the expected job growth of 728,000.


Fox’s Daegan McDowell noted how this was even below the lowest estimate from economists at 335,000.

Even CNN had to admit that the job growth “slowed dramatically,” that this was a “big miss” and a “disappointment.”

When you’ve lost CNN, as Joe has often of late, you know he’s in trouble.

This comes after Biden has had his people fanning out to push his “build back better” agenda, so it’s obvious that people are not finding that message very reassuring for the economy.

From Townhall:

August’s jobs report comes as Americans continue to see prices rise due to the inflation that’s proved persistent despite the Biden administration’s claims that such increases are temporary. And despite Americans’ wages rising, Biden’s inflation-driving policies mean many workers have less buying power.

Americans continue to become disenchanted with President Biden’s performance, especially when it comes to his handling of the economy. A majority now believe the economic situation in the United States is getting worse under his leadership, and his overall job approval is continuing a downward turn.


While President Donald Trump had very low black unemployment numbers prior to the pandemic, Fox’s Charles Payne noted that Joe Biden’s numbers now were not good and are a bad indicator for Biden. If this were Trump, the media would be all over it, saying how bad it was.

So what was Joe Biden’s response to all this? It’s the Delta variant’s fault. But just like with Afghanistan, he’s still trying to paint his approach as a success.

For Biden, it’s never his fault. Trump caused Afghanistan. The Delta variant ate his homework. Wasn’t this the guy who campaigned on having a plan? Yet, once he got in, it was clear he had no plan for anything from COVID to Afghanistan. He’s going to have a “plan” next week for Delta? Delta’s been around since March, we’ve been talking about it for months, and he’s only getting around to it now? And it’s all on his watch. So blaming the Delta variant is like blaming himself. The media was all over trying to blame Trump for virus numbers. So, by that same principle, isn’t Biden responsible for the Delta variant issues? Where is the media blaming Joe Biden for the rising Delta numbers as they blamed Trump?


The fault, though, isn’t the Delta variant as much as it is the government’s response to it — including the continued restrictions and the fear porn. So one has to worry what Biden may have to yet impose upon us with his new “plan.”


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