Ted Cruz Rips Schumer Apart for Cringeworthy Dance With Stephen Colbert

Chuck Schumer dances at NYC concert. Credit: Bill Neidhardt/Twitter.

At this time, as thousands of Americans and allies are trapped in Afghanistan because of the ineptitude of Joe Biden, you would think that American politicians would be going all-in trying to help out and get people home.


Indeed, some of the politicians were doing their jobs and offering to do all they can for Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

As we previously reported, Cotton was getting a lot of inquiries.

Cotton, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, actually helped save an American couple by giving them the name of a contact at the military barricade at the airport that helped them to get in; they had to fight their way through desperate Afghans outside the airport.


Then there are folks like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the Senate majority leader.

After a perfunctory tweet on August 16 saying he called Biden to make sure that everything was being done (when we now know it wasn’t), Schumer has had no further comment about Afghanistan in his timeline, as of this writing. Indeed, he’s tweeted about everything under the sun, but that.

Then yesterday was supposed to be a concert in New York City, celebrating the city’s “comeback” from the pandemic. However, it comes as they put mask recommendations back in place and require vaccine passports to get into some businesses.

So, I’m not sure what they were celebrating, but here they were anyway, dancing (if you could call it that), Chuck Schumer and Stephen Colbert.

Can we say maximum cringe? And maybe not the best look, when thousands of Americans are trapped because of the incompetence of a leader that you, Chuck Schumer, helped put in office? Not to mention all the other crises that Biden has generated — from the border to inflation? Maybe you could look like you care, just a little?


Schumer got excoriated on social media for the dance and the bad optics of it all. It’s now gone viral, with over 2.7 million views on the video.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) just nails what these characters are about.

But on top of all this, with all the Democrats’ pandemic theater, Colbert isn’t wearing a mask and the only requirement to attend the concert was a first Covid shot.

So the associate editor of the Wall St. Journal John Bussey took a jab at the event, questioning if it was a “super spreader.”


He forgot the basic Democratic rule when it comes to the virus: it skips those with politics that align with Democrats, right?

Also maybe Colbert should be concentrating on having a show that’s actually funny — because he’s getting his head handed to him in the ratings, being beaten by Greg Gutfeld.



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