Biden Makes False Claims About Control at the Kabul Airport, Even CNN Calls Him Out

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ABC has now released more videos from their interview with Joe Biden last night.

The new video is as combative and delusional as I wrote about last night.

George Stephanopoulos asks Biden about chaos at the airport and Biden responds that they have control of the airport now, that “no one is being killed right now.”


Forget about those people who died at the airport, that was “four days ago, five days ago.” It was two and a half days ago, Joe. So the lives of those people who died because of this crazy lack of a plan that you had shouldn’t matter if it’s four or five days ago? This is the guy the Democrats pitched as the nice guy, the caring guy, the uniter.

Not to mention all the chaos that is still happening now. They may have control of the airport inside but they don’t have control of the airport outside where there are all kinds of horror and people being attacked. Again, not the fault of the boots on the ground, the fault of Biden for leaving them in this condition. Even if he miraculously got everyone out instantly now, it would still have been a monumental screw-up. Unfortunately, it’s not clear that everyone can get through to the airport, but Joe doesn’t even seem to understand that. And how dare you question him about it! That’s more his attitude. His own people have said there is no plan to get the Americans stuck outside of Kabul.


As we reported there have been people being whipped and beaten along the road to the airport.

Chaos right outside the walls with the Taliban shooting.

Babies are being tossed over the walls to the waiting U.S. and U.K. military to save them.

From NY Post:

“The mothers were desperate, they were getting beaten by the Taliban. They shouted, ‘Save my baby!’ and threw the babies at us. Some of the babies fell on the barbed wire,” a Parachute Regiment officer told the UK’s Independent.

“It was awful what happened. By the end of the night there wasn’t one man among us who was not crying,” he added quietly.

His claim about how they are getting people out now – the facts are they are getting out far less than they could be, likely because of the chaos to get through to even get into the airport.


A White House official said late Wednesday that approximately 1,800 people had been evacuated on 10 C-17 flights over the prior 24 hours, far from the 5,000 to 9,000 people the Pentagon estimated could be evacuated in a day if all was going smoothly.

Even CNN’s Clarissa Ward is rebutting Joe Biden on the situation on the ground. “A lot of people outside that airport…would like to know: If this isn’t failure, what does failure look like exactly?”

Biden has even lost CNN now.


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