Planes Flying out of Kabul Half-Empty as Taliban Beat People on Road to the Airport

AP Photo/Mohammad Asif Khan

As we reported earlier, the Biden team basically told Americans still trapped in Afghanistan that they were on their own to figure out transportation to get to the airport safely.


It’s harder to find something more despicable than this after Biden precipitously withdrew and then even told them to shelter in place on Sunday — the last day they could get to the airport safely.

Translation: Figure out how you’re getting there on your own.

So what does an American or an ally trying to get out to the airport potentially have to go through to get there?

Here’s a report from photographer Marcus Yam, who is there outside, on the road to the airport, which the Taliban have encircled and to which they are blocking all the entrances. Yam said that the Taliban are stopping people — using gunfire, and beating them with whips, sticks, and sharp objects — as thousands tried to get through the gauntlet.


The Biden team said that they worked out an uneasy arrangement with the Taliban to let people through for the next two weeks. But given the reports plus the Biden team’s lies and incompetence, I don’t think I’d bet on that. It’s unclear if that agreement is working. The Biden team also claimed the airport was open for military and civilian flights, according to the Wall Street Journal. I suppose “open” is a relative term.

There was also more disheartening news from the WSJ article:

Earlier Tuesday, with the Taliban keeping people from reaching evacuation flights, some planes were leaving near-empty; a German military A400M Airbus, with a capacity of well over 100 passengers, took off Tuesday with just seven passengers aboard.

Why? Because they likely can’t get past the Taliban.

I can’t help thinking of that scene in Titanic where Mr. Andrews is shocked that Mr. Lightoller is letting the boats go off, half empty. “They were tested in Belfast with the weight of seventy men! Now, fill those boats, Mr. Lightoller, for God’s sake man!” Andrews said.


I’m really hoping that they “fill the boats” and that’s where the analogy stops. But I fear that it may be very apt, given the failure we’ve seen so far. They need to figure out how to get the people through and at this point, I’m not sure there is a good or completely safe answer to that question because of the position Biden has put everyone in at this point. As Ben Sasse said last night, another incredibly foolhardy thing was closing Bagram Air Force base which would have been invaluable now. That’s like torching half the lifeboats right there.


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