Jake Tapper's Brutal Interview With Blinken Shows How Delusional Team Biden Is on Afghanistan

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We rarely get the opportunity to credit CNN with committing journalism.

But, CNN’s Jake Tapper did do a little journalism today in his interview with Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He asked Blinken the ‘Saigon‘ question.


Tapper asks, “President Biden is intent on avoiding a Saigon moment. That, of course, is a reference to the hasty and humiliating U.S. evacuation from Vietnam. But with this troop surge to air lift Americans out of Afghanistan, aren’t we already in the midst of a Saigon moment?”

Blinken’s response is delusional. “No, we’re not,” he insisted, despite the fact it’s already happened.

“This is not Saigon. We went to Afghanistan twenty years ago, with one mission. And that was to deal with the folks who attacked us on 9/11. And we’ve succeeded in that mission. The objective that we set – bringing those who attacked us to justice, making sure that they couldn’t attack us again from Afghanistan – we’ve succeeded in that mission.”

He said they guaranteed that al-Qaeda wouldn’t be able to attack us again from there — then went on to claim that continuing to stay there wasn’t in the country’s national interest.

What? How do you think you’ve ensured that they wouldn’t attack us from Afghanistan in the future? Indeed, as we noted earlier in reporting on Liz Cheney’s remarks, that’s the one thing that the Biden bunch has in fact not ensured — that Al Qaeda or other Islamic terrorists won’t be able to safely attack us from there — because now there will be a completely-controlled Islamic state in Afghanistan. If Blinken doesn’t understand that at this point, that’s a serious reality failure. He apparently missed the DHS advisory that speaks about a resurgent al-Qaeda as well.


Additionally, while it might not be in the national interest to stay there forever, it’s also not in the national interest to flee in humiliation from the embassy and from the country. It’s also not in the national interest to put Americans in danger like that. It’s also not in the national interest to leave our allies to be killed, so that no one will ever help us in any military action we might have to fight in the future.

The problem, right down the line, has been the ignorance of Team Biden — including the failure to understand or accept U.S. intelligence on the matter.

As we saw in July, Joe Biden was contradicting his own intelligence people who were saying that Taliban could take over the country within six months. But on Sunday, Blinken told Tapper that the Afghan military “has been unable to defend the country. And that has happened more quickly than we anticipated.” He’s trying to blame the Afghan military. Just last month, Biden was claiming that the Taliban wouldn’t take over the country because of the strength of the Afghan military. So, they were pushing/believing a complete illusion.

Here’s what Blinken himself was claiming in July, saying they wouldn’t be withdrawing and that he didn’t think that a deterioration in security would happen so quickly between a Friday and a Monday — exactly what has happened.


One thing is certain: We’re in a bad way with these delusional people in charge.



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