Bumbling Biden Radio Silent to Americans on 'Crisis,' May Have Outed CIA

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As everything has been falling apart into chaos in Afghanistan, Joe Biden has been silent on his vacation at Camp David.

But there’s “breaking” CNN news now. Administration officials told them Biden’s going to address the “crisis” in Afghanistan “in the next few days.”


Is Biden losing his mind, when his people say things like this? Actually one of our frequent readers tells me I have to stop assuming that he has any mind left to lose, that I’m giving him too much credit.

People are fleeing for their lives out of the airport; troops have to go back in to get them. But Biden will  say something and try to blame President Donald Trump in the “next few days?” That’s not living in reality.

But the Biden team did issue a new picture to suggest that Biden was on top of things, saying he was meeting with his national security team about what was happening in Afghanistan.

The problem? He has the boxes of people he’s talking with labeled, including the CIA and “Doha station.” So, he just exposed who they are and what they look like.


Even the tweet itself is ridiculous, calling the takeover a “security situation.” Biden lost the country, he lost the embassy and hopefully he doesn’t lose lives — as he has to send more troops into harm’s way because he’s been so inept at all this.

But, this is shamefully ignorant, on top of all the other ignorance that the Biden team has already shown in this regard.

They thought it would show him as the leader, demonstrating strength. Instead, it shows him once again, alone, befuddled and confused, having just made another huge mistake, with no one around him. More  likely, no one wanted to be in the picture of this disaster.

The weakness this demonstrates is just beyond belief. Imagine what our enemies must be thinking. Imagine what must be going through the minds of our allies in Taiwan and Ukraine, when they see failure like this and know they could be next on the list, if our enemies now try to further test this old man.


Former Acting Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell doesn’t mince words here… and he speaks for all of us:


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