Whoops: CDC Quietly Admits Their Florida COVID Numbers Were False


As we reported yesterday, the CDC falsely reported Florida’s Wuhan coronavirus data, claiming that there were 28,317 new cases on Sunday.

That would have been a record high and that prompted the liberal media to attack Florida (read: Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis).


Except it wasn’t true. What they actually did was combine the data for more than one day into that Sunday figure.

Florida’s Department of Health naturally complained and pushed back on the inaccurate numbers. The actual number for Sunday, according to the Department of Health was 15,319 cases. Thus, the CDC figure was an overcount of more than 13,000 — almost double the actual numbers.

Just a mistake, don’t you know? Now I’m sure that this was just a coincidence that this occurred as Joe Biden and the Democrats are in the middle of a battle of approaches with Florida over masks and mandates. The Democrats then used that news to attack DeSantis.

Today, the CDC basically admitted that the numbers they put up were wrong by quietly adjusting the numbers down. They updated Florida’s new cases to 23,958 for Friday, 21,487 on Saturday, and 19,584 on Sunday. But the numbers still were more than Florida’s numbers. According to the Florida Department of Health, the numbers were 21,500 on Friday, 19,567 on Saturday, and 15,319 on Sunday. The numbers were actually decreasing over the three days.


The CDC said yesterday they would be working with Florida to get the numbers right. But they’re still off and the CDC hasn’t given a reason as to why they got it wrong to begin with, much less why they are still off.

Add to that the false CDC claim that it was “as contagious as chickenpox” which, as we reported earlier, isn’t true. But again it stoked more fear and concern. It’s still pretty transmissible, but it’s important to get the numbers right, particularly when they then turn around and start trying to push mandates and restrictions in response to the claim.

Of course, that can lead to all kinds of speculation as to why — none of which is good. You have the choice between horrible incompetence versus deliberate political manipulation, neither of which should be acceptable here. But at this point, with so many “mistakes” — all seeming to go one way — it would be hard not to think it was intentional. They need to be held accountable for this. And they wonder why people doubt them?

Needless to say, this wasn’t received well on top of everything.



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