Busted: 'Scaled Back' Obama Party Still Looks Pretty Huge

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

I previously reported about the huge, 60th birthday party that Barack Obama had planned on his $12 million waterfront estate in Martha’s Vineyard. He’s right there with Joe Biden supporting all kinds of restrictions on people.


But apparently, a massive party is just cool for him. After there was a lot of backlash about Obama being tone deaf and flouting guidance during the pandemic, his spokespeople said that they would be scaling back the party to “ only family and close friends .”

I don’t know about you, but the preparations outside his home don’t look particularly scaled back or just “only family and close friends.” So, it may not be the 475 guests plus the 200 staff, but it still looks pretty darn huge. So, they may have been trying to slip one over on all of us.

Check out the huge, white tents behind the estate.

Just a little intimate event, right? Meanwhile, his people are trying to act as though it’s just going to be a small event now.

Celebrities are still pouring into the island including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Don Cheadle, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Dwayne Wade, and Gabrielle Union for the party. In addition to the huge tents, there’s outdoor furniture, catering stations, a dance floor and a large raised stage with speakers and technical equipment.


Because what would Obama be without a stage for himself? And what would an Obama party be like without a lot of pictures of Obama? Those were also being set up in the tents.

One local businessman joked to the Mail that the Democrat has a loose definition of “close friends.”

“His close friends apparently include his golfing buddies, politicians, celebrities. Those people are here on the island and I doubt he’ll be turning them all away,” the local reportedly said.

“He wants people to think this is going to be small and intimate, but I don’t think we have the same definition of intimate.”

In another nod to being woke, it’s going to be a plant-based, meat-free menu. Yuck, I can already taste the fake meat tofu. But there will be some local oysters, so at least there’s something real there.

In another moment of hypocrisy, John Kerry, Biden’s climate czar, flew into the island on a private jet for the party, according to the Daily Mail. So, in addition being a huge event packing people in close together, they’re all flying in, spewing their carbon emissions everywhere.

Obama is allegedly having a “coronavirus coordinator” make sure that people are submitting proof of a negative virus test to get in.


According to the New York Times, some people did get cut, like David Axelrod and a lot of the Obama administration officials, in favor of most of his celebrity friends.

In what seemed like fodder for a future episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Mr. David, the comedian and a Martha’s Vineyard homeowner, was uninvited.

So were the majority of former Obama administration officials who had been looking forward to the reunion after an isolated year, and who generally credit themselves with helping create the Obama legacy that has allowed the former president to settle in so comfortably with the A-list crowd.

Doesn’t that say it all about Obama, as well? The “close” people aren’t the ones who helped get him to where he was or worked with him while he was there — they’re the celebs who he can schmooze with now.


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