Peter Doocy's Question Reveals Jen Psaki and the Biden Bunch Don't Give a Darn About Your Children

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Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki a great question: in regard to Gov. DeSantis defending parents’ rights to decide for their own children whether to have them in masks or not, does Joe Biden think that parents should have that kind of power, to opt out of mask policies?


Psaki didn’t actually answer the question. She said she thought public health experts should be making the decision instead of politicians.

Her non-answer was basically an answer in itself. While she says public health experts should be making the decision, she refuses to say that parents should have that right for their own children. So in her mind that public health experts hold more weight than the parents, on the matter.

Doocy persists and says the DeSantis’ concern is “harmful, emotional, academic and psychological effects of putting kindergarteners in masks for hours at a time.” Was there any concern about that from officials, Doocy asked? “No, there’s not,” Psaki declared firmly, then citing the alleged feelings of her own daughter, a “rising kindergartener.” “My rising kindergartener told me two days she could wear a mask all day. And she’s just happy to go to camp and go to school.”


First of all, I believe that story about as much as a believe Joe Biden used to drive an 18 wheeler. But even if it’s a true story, that’s a pretty sad and screwed up story because it shows that you’ve effectively psychologically pounded fear porn into your child. And even if your 5-year-old has somehow been convinced this is normal, that doesn’t make it normal or healthy for that child. Of course, her daughter’s opinion is not any real data, just her anecdote to push her point. If you want to trade examples, let’s ask 10-year-old John Provenzano about masks and their effect on his classmates and himself.

Psaki’s position is not very caring for the children. Her position ignores any studies and fails to note the low risk in transmission generally among children of that age of the Wuhan coronavirus.


Furthermore, she acts as though the choice is between masks or no school, saying, “We know that there’s a mental health impact of them not being in school.” Yet, Joe Biden didn’t press the teachers union who has played games that kept the kids out of school, even knowing that.

The choice isn’t between masks or no school. That’s a false dichotomy. The choice is between a sane approach, giving the parents power over their own children vs. operating under unnecessary and/or even unwise state dictates.



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