Joe Biden's Brain Breaks Again, and Then It Gets Really Bad

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

How bad is Joe Biden?

It’s gotten to where there’s something virtually every day.

Yesterday was awful — with Biden calling Fox “Fax,” lying and snapping at Peter Doocy, then completely wrecking his own new argument on mandating vaccinations and masks.


But today is really bad, too.

Joe Biden was at a virtual Zoom meeting from the White House with governors in regard to wildfires.

His brain broke again while he was talking about wildfires and Delaware.

“You know, I come from the state of Delaware,” Biden said. “We had more acreage burn last year than the state of Delaware and Maryland combined. COMBINED.” Wait, what? How does that make any sense? Of course, it doesn’t.

I think that he was trying to talk about how wildfires in the United States have burned nearly three million acres so far this year — that’s the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. But he didn’t seem to be able to say it coherently.

But it gets worse.

At some point during the meeting, Kamala Harris appears to have taken over, so you can hear her droning on in the background of this clip. Biden sits there, looking vacant. But that isn’t the focal point of the video. The focus is that Biden receives a note from an aide, reads it, then wipes something off his chin and appears to eat it. Yikes.


So obviously he had to be told he had something on his face in the note for about the first ten minutes of the meeting.

Not only that, the AP photographer took a picture of the note, so we actually get to see what it says, “Sir, there is something on your chin.”

This picture is the Biden term in miniature, right there. If you had a Biden library to explain the disaster of this time in history, this would be an essential element.

Andrew Harnik was able to get a picture because Biden turned over the note and was righting on the back so people were able to see it. When he held it up to look at the notes he had written, he inadvertently revealed the note.


But apparently, they forgot to say “don’t put it in your mouth and eat it.”

This appears to show the yellow piece of something on his face that he appeared to put in his mouth. It wasn’t clear what the yellow thing was.

This is sad, gross, and all kinds of yuck.


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