WATCH: Chris Cuomo Gets Nailed Live on Air When He Tries to Moralize About the Virus

Tony Roman’s restaurant, Basilico’s in Huntington Beach, California, got a lot of attention on social media the other day for a sign that it has in the window.


That prompted a lot of tolerant leftists to attack him and go after the restaurant. Now, while he would seem to be limiting his clientele, it’s his restaurant.

What took real gall was CNN’s Chris Cuomo having Roman on his show to moralize and preach at him. This was the guy who broke quarantine and then lied all over the place about it. Not to mention the actions of his own brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in ordering nursing homes to take virus-positive patients in, after which thousands died. One would think that the Cuomos should just shut up when it comes to the virus, because they are the last people who have any credibility at all.

Roman had the perfect response when Cuomo then tried to go after him and it was glorious.


Now that’s definitely a “boom!”

When Cuomo tried to chastise him, Roman was not shy. He brought up how Chris Cuomo broke quarantine. Cuomo responded, “My ass, it’s been documented.” Yes, Chris, it has been documented. You were busted out in another town while you were still allegedly sick and in quarantine. Then you had a pretend emergence from the basement when you’d already been out. Roman even got Cuomo to admit, “I quarantined. I went out.” Um, Chris? Those two things are inconsistent with each other. Chris showing once again why he earned the name “Fredo.” So kudos to Tony for that.

Imagine Chris saying, “The science is clear,” after he ditched the “science” and went out, in a car with his family, who then later announced they tested positive.

But Roman didn’t leave it just with pointing out Chris’ hypocrisy, he also went after what his brother, Gov. Cuomo did, an action that may have resulted in the deaths of thousands in nursing homes. Chris acted as though his brother was “just doing his job.” Yeah, no, exposing nursing home residents and then trying to cover it up isn’t his “job.”


Imagine that it’s taken this long to get someone to actually nail him (and his brother) like this. Every once in a while the truth breaks through in the liberal media. The satisfying feeling that finally the Cuomos got nailed on air was not lost on Janice Dean, whose husband’s parents died in New York nursing homes.


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