Joe Biden Loses It: Calls Fox 'Fax,' Snaps at Peter Doocy, and Wrecks His Own Argument on Masks

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Joe Biden spoke briefly from the White House today to reporters to announce a vaccination-or-masking requirement for federal workers, along with other steps to spur vaccinations.


He said that civilian federal employees will be required to “attest” that they have been vaccinated. If not, then they would have to submit to regular COVID-19 testing and masking guidelines, with restrictions on their travel. The White House also said they would be encouraging localities to provide $100 to newly vaccinated individuals using leftover COVID-19 relief funds, according to information they released today.

They’re going to restrict travel? Prepare for more constitutional challenges. And give people more free money? That should go over well with those already vaccinated.

The White House is now making the White House staff and reporters wear masks even if they are fully vaccinated and that’s what they’re pushing generally for most of the country where the Delta variant is having “substantial” impact.

Despite all this, Biden said we were not likely to see a comparable rise in hospitalizations or deaths around the country.

So then why all this double-down and freak-out? The only thing that really matters is hospitalizations and deaths. Anything else just moves us on to herd immunity because people recover.


Fox surely has more “fax/facts” than does the White House. Perhaps that’s Joe’s problem? But chalk up another one on the chart of “What the heck is Joe Biden saying?”

He’s trying to convince people who aren’t sure about getting the vaccine, saying he knows some think the trials were rushed. Well, heck, why would they think that, just because Joe Biden claimed it last year when President Donald Trump was in office? Gee, so he’s upset that people might actually believe him?

He talks about what needs to be done while coughing into his hand.

Then he walks off without his mask on.


But Biden couldn’t quite sneak away without Fox’s Peter Doocy asking him an important question. Doocy asked about the statements that Biden made in May that basically said if you got vaccinated you wouldn’t have to wear any mask anymore, but now he’s saying you have to be vaccinated and wear a mask. First, Biden says he didn’t say that, then he argues that was “true at the time.” So basically: “We lied, and you have to wear them anyway. Surprise!”

Yes, Joe did say that, as I wrote yesterday. He said people “no longer” have to wear a mask.

What is “true” to Joe Biden has no relation to facts, science, or reality. He’s also never able to be challenged and take it like a polite adult, he always loses it and snaps back in response. There are always going to be variants. Indeed, there were variants in May. If it were President Donald Trump, the rest of the media would be blaming him for not keeping the Delta variant out and not taking action to prevent it.


Stop with the mandates already. If you’re admitting that hospitalizations and deaths aren’t going to go up comparably, then why are we even doing this? What’s the point in all these restrictions? Because those are the only stats that really matter. He really just blew up his whole mask argument with that admission. That’s the big takeaway here and that should put a fork in this whole push.


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