1 Dead, 140 Detained, Reporter Arrested on Live TV as Cuban Government Cracks Down on Freedom Protests

AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

The heavy arm of the Cuban government has been falling on the people protesting the government, but it’s also falling on those who have been trying to cover what’s going on in the media.


There are now reports of at least 140 people having been “detained” by the government or have been “disappeared.”

From The Guardian:

“The idea is to punish those who dare to challenge the government … and send a message” that no further protests would be tolerated, said Guevara-Rosas, who said spontaneous and peaceful rallies had taken place in at least 48 separate locations, including Havana.

On Tuesday Spain’s foreign minister, José Manuel Albares, demanded the immediate release of Camila Acosta, a Cuban journalist who reports for a Spanish newspaper and was among those seized from their homes in the capital early on Monday. [….]

But targets appeared to include prominent human rights campaigners, independent journalists and one of the leaders of the Movimiento San Isidro, a collective of artists and activists that has been pushing for greater political freedoms.

Marta María Ramírez, 46, a feminist and LGBT activist, said she knew dozens of people who had been arrested, among them Gretel Medina, a young film director who is breastfeeding her baby son. “I’m very sad about the violent response from authorities,” Ramírez said.


According to Fox, at least one man has been reported killed.

Now there’s actually video of an independent journalist being interrupted on a live broadcast, as she’s reporting the news to a Spanish TV station, the Cuban security service shows up at her door to take her away.

They’re going after the journalists and have shut down the internet to make it harder to get the information out to the world.

How is the Communist Cuban government going to blame these actions on the U.S.? This brutality is all on them and this is why the people are rising up. They’re also sending in folks with clubs to go after protesters.


A priest, Fr. Castor Alvarez, was also beaten and arrested on Sunday while he was defending young protesters from attack by the police. He’s now been released and is asking everyone to pray for those still being detained.

What is the U.S. government doing? Apparently, not much.


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