Psaki's Deceitful Response to Objections to 'Door to Door' Governmental Overreach

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

After White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Joe Biden announced earlier this week that the federal government was going to be involved with people going “door to door” to “get remaining Americans vaccinated,” they got a lot of backlash over the idea.

Many echoed the thoughts of South Carolina governor Henry McMaster.

From The State:

“A South Carolinian’s decision to get vaccinated is a personal one for them to make and not the government’s,” McMaster wrote. “Enticing, coercing, intimidating, mandating, or pressuring anyone to take the vaccine is a bad policy which will deteriorate the public’s trust and confidence in the State’s vaccination efforts.”

So a reporter asked Jen Psaki today what her reaction was to what McMaster said.

Psaki went all-in on the insane response. The “failure to provide accurate public health information” is “literally killing people,” she claimed. “It’s a disservice to the country,” she claimed, to provide “inaccurate information” to the public.

This, of course, is a completely dishonest response. Believing that this governmental overreach is a bad move on every level and that it will have the opposite effect than what they claim to want is not a “failure to provide accurate public health information”; it’s not providing “inaccurate information.” It’s objecting to the coercive action of going door to door by agents of the government, which they are, even if they are local or volunteers if they are being precipitated by the federal government — which she already indicated. And for sure, it’s not “killing people.” That’s completely deceitful. But that’s Jen Psaki.

There are ample ways for government to provide information if they choose to without going door to door, such as a simple mailer. This isn’t just about providing information, it’s about being coercive.

Perhaps she doesn’t want to talk about who’s done a huge disservice to the country with the inaccurate information they’ve pushed over not only this past year, but over the past four years. Hint: It’s Democrats.

It’s as if she fails to get the central point being made here: People take care of their own health, the government does not. It is not, as HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra claimed, “the government’s business.”

People know where to get vaccinated if they are interested unless they’ve been living in a cave. So basically what they’re saying is they want to try to pitch to the folks who may already be distrustful of vaccinations by sending governmental agents to their house. How do they think that’s going to go?