NBC Goes Full-Bore Crazy Smearing Opponents of CRT as 'QAnon'

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The fight against Critical Race Theory in the schools has had a lot of success. It’s also opened the eyes of a lot of parents.

That’s making folks in the NEA and their friends in the mainstream media upset that parents would dare question what is being taught to their children.


So, how to respond to the very successful effort from parents of all races and all political stripes?

Demonize them as conspiracy theorists and QAnon people. Now it’s not just about Russia mania, they’ve incorporated “QAnon” mania into their thought as well. Prepare for more “BlueAnon” theories (BlueAnon is the term for conspiracy theories that bubble up on the left).

They “hatched a plan?”

From NBC:

In the wake of Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat and the disappearance of the anonymous online account “Q” that once served as QAnon’s inspiration, many people who spout QAnon’s false claims have hatched a new plan: run for school board or local office, spread the gospel of Q, but don’t call it QAnon.

It’s a scene that has played out at other school boards and comes as many local meetings have emerged in recent months as cultural flashpoints in a broader battle over the perceived encroachment of race-conscious education — sometimes separately lumped together under the label critical race theory.


Oh, and look who they cite to support their theory.

In June, the National Education Association, a prominent teachers union, warned that “conspiracy theorists and proponents of fake news are winning local elections. And their new positions give them a powerful voice in everything from local law enforcement to libraries, trash pickup to textbook purchases.”

What a surprise. The NEA doesn’t want parents questioning what’s being taught to their children or people having a different viewpoint from them having local power.

Now, apart from making the general claim that “many are running” and mentioning random posts about getting involved in local government, NBC doesn’t actually present any real evidence of any specific “plan.” But if they can demonize the folks pushing against CRT and against the far-left agenda in the schools, they might frighten some folks from actually looking at what’s happening in the schools.

But pro tip for NBC? Yes, anyone can run for school board or local office. That’s our government. You don’t get to say they don’t because they don’t agree with your politics. If you find that concerning then maybe you don’t understand the nature of our government? Imagine when they make “running for office” into a conspiracy theory. Imagine trying to demean parents who are concerned about their children. That’s the crazy place we are at with media and the left at this point.



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