Latest Video Shows San Francisco Going Down the Tubes Fast

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A video has now gone viral of a brazen shoplifting incident involving a group of people grabbing luxury handbags from the high-end shop Neiman Marcus in San Francisco and dashing out the front door in the middle of the day, with some even jumping into cars to get away.


Dion Lim of KGO-TV confirmed the incident. You can see in the video that there appears to be a security guy or cop just standing there filming them as they rush out. He has cuffs on his belt but he does nothing to stop them from running.

But this is what San Francisco has devolved into with Democratic policies and a district attorney uninterested in pursuing such crime. Which means it’s open season.

The San Francisco police chief pointed to two big things: not enough police on the streets and criminals being let out of jail due to the failure to prosecute.


“These same people … are going into the stores and snatching property,” San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott told CNN. “Once we arrest them, we find out they’ve been arrested over and over again. It’s frustrating.”

We reported on another viral shoplifting video last month.

It’s forced Walgreens to close 17 stores, depriving people in some neighborhoods of a vital resource they need for their prescriptions and other items. But they were spending 35 times more on security guards in San Francisco compared to their other locations, with thefts being four times higher than in other stores. As we also reported, it’s now even forcing all six Targets in the city to close early.

But it isn’t just about shoplifting; it’s rising crime in general, homeless people getting out of control, and the quality of life going right in the dumper because the problems aren’t being addressed. There’s also been a big rise in car burglaries, which are up as much as 700% in some areas.

Perhaps one incident that really symbolized the problem was when a local news crew went out to report on the problem of rising crime last week and they were robbed in the process.


Now, a recent poll shows that almost half of the residents — more than 40% — plan to move out of the city within the next few years.

It’s sounding like the radical policies are red-pilling a lot of the citizens who are remaining. Or at least now they’re getting it.

Citizens, including many on the left, are now moving to recall the radical district attorney, Chesa Boudin, and 76% of San Franciscans said that “it should be a high priority for the city to increase the number of police officers in high-crime neighborhoods.”

When you actually see where the policies lead, it’s a harsh awakening. That’s what they’re feeling right now.


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