Must-See Response by AZ GOP Rep Who Levels Dem Mocking Threat of Communism

Arizona State Rep. Quang Nguyen (Credit: Daily Independent)

We have a must-see video from a Republican Arizona state representative who delivers a little reality to a deluded Democrat who mocked and downplayed the threat that we face from Communism.

Arizona state Rep. Daniel Hernandez claimed that the threat of Communism was nothing compared to the threat of white nationalism and the Capitol riot. Hernandez seemed to be pushing the Democratic talking point that the three-hour riot was somehow about “white nationalism.”

But Rep. Quang Nguyen wasn’t going to let that go. He spoke about how what Hernandez said irritated him so he came over and pressed the white button to be able to speak. “Is it ok to say white button?” Nguyen asked, with a little bit of wit. Nguyen then said he had something to say about Hernandez’s comments that Communism wasn’t the enemy.

“White nationalism didn’t drown 250,000 Vietnamese in the South China Sea,” Nguyen exclaimed. “The Communists did. White Nationalism didn’t execute 86,000 South Vietnamese at the fall of Saigon. The Communists did. White Nationalists didn’t put me here. Communism did.

“So don’t take it lightly,” Nguyen said to Hernandez and the other representatives. “Don’t mock me. Don’t mock what I go through in life. It’s rough. I lost most of my cousins and family members due to Communism. If we don’t stand up to teaching Communism to our children, we’ll lose this country.” “So sir,” he said to Hernandez again. “Don’t mock me.”

What a great response.

There’s far more to fear in this country from Communism than there is from white nationalism for a few very simple reasons.

First, there are few white nationalists and everyone in power condemns them.

Meanwhile, socialist and Communist ideas are being taught and embraced in colleges and in many other schools across the country. Unfortunately because of the failure of education that Nguyen referenced our young people no longer understand the bad things about Communism. They don’t know the millions of killings, some of which he referenced. They don’t understand how the ideology has oppressed people across the world, how so many fled it to come here, and what a horror it is for those folks, like Nguyen, who see it making inroads in his adopted country.

We see the radical socialist left on the ascendant in the control of Congress, we see the radical ideas infecting everything even the military.

We see them in the anti-capitalist BLM/Antifa rioters across the country and in the local Democratic politicians in the various Democratic cities who have embraced “defund the police.”

We’re already back on our heels a bit in the fight, since the left has been building and sowing the seeds to spread radical doctrine for decades.

But we can prevail. We see parents, for example, fighting back on the Critical Race Theory front and they’re winning. The left is fond of saying “it’s all connected,” because it is. It’s all about ripping down or throwing into chaos what came before so it can be replaced with radical doctrine.

What we need is on the level of a revival — for more people to realize what’s happening and stand in the breach, as Rep. Nguyen has.