Dems Do Shameful Politicizing of Building Collapse to Push Key Agenda Item

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The media seems to have been going out of its way to use the collapse of the building in Surfside, Florida to go after Governor Ron DeSantis, politicizing the event, rather than focusing on the truth and the victims.


We saw the WaPo’s Hannah Dreier push a false claim about DeSantis’ response in declaring an emergency and requesting FEMA. We also saw a writer from The Intercept try to suggest that there was some kind of correlation between DeSantis supporting deregulation in occupational licensing when it had absolutely nothing to do with the building collapse.

We don’t know what’s behind the collapse yet, but that isn’t stopping the speculation. If they aren’t trying to falsely attack DeSantis over it, they’re trying to use it to justify their political agenda items.

“We don’t know exactly what happened at this point,” the CNN host starts in the clip below. She should have stopped there, because it went downhill from there. “Do you think that climate could have played a role in that building’s collapse?” she asks Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. If you don’t know yet, you don’t know and anything else is idle speculation to fill time. But that doesn’t stop Granholm. Listen as she goes off to the races, “We don’t know fully” if the collapse was caused by climate change.


“But we do know that the seas are rising,” Granholm continues. But regardless of the cause or the facts, it all means we need to spend, spend, spend on infrastructure and dealing with climate change, according to Granholm.

It’s shameful to politicize the tragedy to push your political agenda items, especially when you have no idea of the cause and a lot of people are dead here. We don’t know fully? No, we don’t know that it had any relation at all, so just stop with making up things as though they had anything to do with it when you have no idea what you are talking about. They can’t blame it on white supremacy or systemic racism, or we’d probably hear them try to use it for that as well. They’d blame the zombie apocalypse on climate change if they could.

“We don’t know fully” how these crazy people managed to gain power — but we need to do everything in 2022 to get those of them we can out of power.


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