The Troubling World Media Takes on Biden's Trip

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous spinning from the U.S. media on Joe Biden’s performance during his meetings in Europe.

Particularly egregious — as always — CNN, who just couldn’t keep from bootlicking for Biden despite there being no facts to support the notion that he’d actually succeeded at anything.


There was this tongue bath that CNN’s Jeff Zeleny was part of writing that we reported on earlier.

Traveling across Europe for the past week, Biden found his reputation as a foreign policy wiseman preceded him — even at Windsor Castle, whose occupant has met her share of world leaders.

It was evident at nearly every stop along the way that after five months focused almost exclusively on pressing domestic concerns, Biden was at last in his comfort zone. He carried himself with a seasoned air of confidence that new presidents seldom possess, a fluidity on the world stage that was among his biggest calling cards in his race for the White House.
“I know we make foreign policy out to be this great, great skill, and somehow it’s sort of like a secret code,” Biden said. “All foreign policy is an extension of personal relationships. It’s the way human nature functions.”

There was Jim Sciutto fawning over what a power move by Biden this was.

You didn’t see the power move? Neither did anyone else. Putin looked to the camera as he was supposed to for the media pics and Biden forgot or failed to do that.


But that’s where we’re at with a lot of the U.S. media. However, you get other views from foreign media who won’t be so fawning and will cover things more honestly.

We saw leaders and others laughing at Joe Biden when he got confused in this Sky News video.

There was Biden being treated like a five-year-old by his wife with other people laughing in response from ITV (British) News.

Then there was this take from the Australian media.

Now, obviously, there are some folks in Europe who are thrilled to have ‘compliant’ Joe Biden in, willing to open the American coffers and give them money for all kinds of liberal agenda items. But they wouldn’t necessarily spin for him.

There are the pictures, taken by Getty, but not used in U.S. media, of the French President and Biden. At least one made it into Politico.EU so it went out into EU media. It’s a pretty stark look, no matter what is being said here. The optics are awful for Biden, it looks like Macron is scolding him or pushing him around.


Then there’s this screenshot that shows the difference between CNN and RT (the Russian media station) which was mocking Joe Biden when he started to say “President Trump” when he meant to say “President Putin.”

It’s especially bad when you have Russia mocking him.

U.S. media can spin but they can’t stop reality from getting out there and unfortunately a lot of the world got a better look at Joe Biden on this trip. It isn’t good for the country.


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