When Even CNN Admits There's an Issue, You Know Joe Has a Problem

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When even CNN is admitting there’s an issue, you know that Joe Biden has a problem.

It’s been clear that Biden’s handlers have been doing all they can to keep him from questions from reporters. It goes back to his campaign — when he hid in the basement — up to the present, when there were multiple instances of reporters trying to intervene or shut down questions during his European trip. That included shooing reporters away when he got confused during a G7 meeting and Boris Johnson had to correct him, as well as when reporters were ushered out when he was meeting with the president of Turkey.


But now, even CNN is reporting what Biden’s handlers are doing — and that it’s unlike anything from the past four prior presidents they’ve covered. According to Jeff Zeleny, Biden can’t answer questions “without his aides screaming at him to stop.”

So they’re basically conceding that at this point, which for CNN is probably a huge move, although they don’t make the jump as to why that might be. So that’s movement and flagging an issue even for their audience that is often cut off from real news and reality. They are finally acknowledging there’s an issue.

But although they’ve clearly seen there’s an issue (because it’s right in their face and they can’t avoid it especially after he screamed at their reporter), they’re still not willing to stop giving him a tongue bath just yet.

Here’s what Zeleny wrote, even after that take.

Traveling across Europe for the past week, Biden found his reputation as a foreign policy wiseman preceded him — even at Windsor Castle, whose occupant has met her share of world leaders.

It was evident at nearly every stop along the way that after five months focused almost exclusively on pressing domestic concerns, Biden was at last in his comfort zone. He carried himself with a seasoned air of confidence that new presidents seldom possess, a fluidity on the world stage that was among his biggest calling cards in his race for the White House.
“I know we make foreign policy out to be this great, great skill, and somehow it’s sort of like a secret code,” Biden said. “All foreign policy is an extension of personal relationships. It’s the way human nature functions.”


Talk about bootlicking. That “report” isn’t journalism, it’s even worse than regular Democrat propaganda. This borders on Biden-porn. He abuses them and still they come back for more and kiss his ring.

Were they watching the same week we were? His reputation is (rightly) that he’s been wrong on every foreign policy issue in the past four decades. To call that mass of confusion a “seasoned air of confidence” is to be divorced from reality.


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