Biden Border Crisis Numbers Explode—Worst in 21 Years—and They're Still Increasing

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

How bad is the border crisis?

The border detentions are at the highest they’ve been in 21 years, with now over 180,000 detentions at the border in the past month. Most of those people are single adults, according to the CBP.


That’s a 674% increase over the past year under President Donald Trump, when only 23,327 were detained, after Trump had largely conquered a lot of the border issues. But then Joe Biden ripped apart everything he’d done.

The number has gone up every month under Joe Biden, even as we enter the summer when the numbers generally start to drop because it’s hotter to come in the summer.

RNC Research Director Zach Parkinson said that the Biden team was clearly trying to drop this damaging information after hours and after Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala and Mexico so that she wouldn’t be asked about it during the trip.


“Massive after hours news dump – border crossings remain at a 21-year high, more than 180,000 in May,” Parkinson said. “Biden Admin clearly trying to bury this. They chose to release this after hours while Biden is in the UK and White House press corps is operating on a different schedule. This also conveniently comes **after** Kamala Harris returned from Guatemala and Mexico City, so she couldn’t be asked about it on her trip.”

It’s so bad that even the Washington Post is picking up and reporting how bad it is.

Meanwhile there doesn’t seem to be any coherent border policy from the Biden team to deal with the continual rising numbers. Joe Biden delegated Kamala Harris to deal with border issues. She just visited Guatemala and Mexico and blamed root causes in those countries, and didn’t seem to have achieved much in the effort. She came under a lot of backlash for blowing off answering when she would visit the border, even laughing and saying she hadn’t been to Europe either.


Harris did do one thing – she promised $130 million to the labor reform movement to help Mexico’s unions and support workers’ rights. Not sure how that solves the influx happening now. But hey, it threw money money at unions so it fits the Democratic narrative.

Nothing in the discussions with Mexico or Guatemala appears to have resulted in any actual changes to Biden/Harris policy, so I’m not sure how it’s actually going to stop people from coming.


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