Biden OMB Director's Troubling Responses on Funding the Wuhan Lab and 'Birthing People'

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RedState writers have reported extensively on the Wuhan coronavirus origin issue, the lab leak theory, and gain-of-function (or virus weaponization) research. You should check out our latest from Scott Hounsell here.


One might think that especially given China’s questionable actions in this matter that, at the very least, as we try to get to the truth and hold people accountable, the United States government wouldn’t still be sending funding to places where it might be misused.

Of course, that would be a logical thought. So, therefore, it wouldn’t be one that’s occurred to the Biden people.

House Budget Committee Ranking Member, Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO), asked Joe Biden’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget Shalanda Young during a Congressional hearing if she would commit to not sending money to places like the Wuhan lab in the future, at least in this budget she was presenting. She refused to do so.

“I would never, you know, make that commitment as someone who believes we need to be led by science,” she said. She said they would have to wait for the end of the 90-day review being conducted which the Biden folks have started (in my humble opinion, to be able to stall off any questions for a while).


So even with what we now know, even with the knowledge that China covered up and can’t be trusted, she’s basically saying they’d still send money to them. In other words, there may well be money there in the budget right now for the same thing. How is that being “led by science?” It’s certainly not being led by common sense or in the best interests of the United States, given the information we already have in hand. This is so incredibly dangerous.

That wasn’t the only questionable response that Young gave. Smith also asked her to explain the language in Biden’s budget that eliminated the term “mothers” and used instead the term “birthing people.”

“This is a shift from recent budgets, which referred to maternal health issues as women’s issues,” Smith said. “I’ve never heard the term before. Can you explain what it means?”


“There are certain people who do not have gender identities that apply to female or male and so we think our language needs to be more inclusive in how we deal with complex issues,” Young replied.

Again, how is this scientific? Only women/mothers can give birth. That’s the way “the science” works. So if you are “led by the science,” you should understand that. If you’re pretending that something else is true, you’re not being scientific, but acceding to cult-like woke leftism.


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