Republican Win in McAllen, TX Is Great News for GOP, Harbinger of Massive Trouble for Dems

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One of the things about the 2020 election that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves is how much of the Hispanic vote President Donald Trump picked up.

As I previously reported, a study of the data by Catalist showed that a majority of Pres. Trump’s supporters in the 2020 election were women and people of color.


According to the data, Trump gained across all demographics, all racial and gender groups, except white men where he lost only a percentage point. The share of Trump voters who were women or people of color in 2020 was 57.2%, up from 54.8% in 2016, with a 7-point gain among nonwhite women, a 4-point gain with nonwhite men, a 1-point gain with white women. While Democrats still won the majority of the Hispanic vote, Trump got a big increase of eight points in the share that swung to him. In 2020, Trump pulled in 11% of the black vote, again an increase of 3% over 2016.

Democrats can see the data. It’s one of the reasons they fear Trump and the attraction of his policies, particularly his economic and immigration policies.

Now there’s more evidence of Republican policies pulling more Hispanic voters to the GOP, with some great news late Saturday out of Texas.

Republican Javier Villalobos just won the election for mayor of McAllen, Texas in a big surprise. He’s a GOP county chair.


Villalobos defeated Veronica Whitacre — in a close race — in a city that is 85% Hispanic. McAllen is in Hidalgo County, which went to Joe Biden by 17 points. So, that’s a big thing.

One has to wonder if, in this border community, more people were rejecting the Democrats because of the failure of Joe Biden to do anything to deal with the crisis there, and the harm and stress it’s putting on those towns.

Former Trump 2020 campaign adviser Steve Cortes suggested it was part of a demonstrable realignment of Hispanic voters to the Republican cause.

The result is pretty stunning historically in that county.


Now, even Democrats are getting that they may have a problem. Sawyer Hackett, who worked for Texas Democrat and 2020 presidential primary loser Julian Castro, warned his fellow Democrats if they didn’t pay attention and do something about it, they were in “serious trouble.”


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