Jimmy Kimmel Proves How Desperate Dems Are to Go After Ron DeSantis

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

I have to hand it to Gov. Ron DeSantis.

He could cure cancer and liberals would attack him because he didn’t cure some other diseases. That’s how much they’re really digging to try to find something to attack him with.


DeSantis has done a terrific job for his state in general but particularly through the pandemic. He’s bright and he’s a fighter, a winning combination, and no doubt a future presidential candidate.

Liberals have made him their bête noire, perhaps second only to President Donald Trump, in their efforts to attack.

But they’re so hard up for material with which to attack him that they have to stretch. A lot.

Take Jimmy Kimmel’s attack last night, referring to Florida as “America’s North Korea.”

“In America’s North Korea, the sunshine state, from time to time, we enjoy taking a look at what’s going on. And tonight, we’re doing it again in a Governor DeSantis edition of “This week in Florida.”
He then shows DeSantis conducting the challenge “Unfortunately the prizes are all pythons. It’s a “python-a-thon” going on there in Florida.”

Now there’s literally nothing comparable between North Korea and one of the freest states in the union. Great economy, great weather, no taxes and no lockdown now, unlike Jimmy’s oppressive state of California. It’s probably been one of the best states to live in during the pandemic. It’s why people were fleeing from states like New York and California to come to Florida.

While Kimmel tries to attack DeSantis, he’s also attacking the state as a whole and the people in the state with such a crack. It isn’t even funny in any way. He doesn’t even say what supposedly makes Florida like North Korea, so it just falls flat.


Now we’ll give you that pythons could be funny but he doesn’t really do anything with it. The python challenge is to help remove some of the Burmese pythons from the area that tend to upset the ecosystem and take over. It’s to help conserve the Everglades in its natural state.

Kimmel just proves how desperate they are to go after DeSantis. They can’t hit him on his record, so they have to reach down to attacking pythons and a conservation effort.

DeSantis just shoots back, making him all the more attractive as a candidate. They don’t even realize that they’re actually helping to build him up which makes it all the more amusing.

DeSantis isn’t cowed by media attack. As we reported earlier, he said during a recent interview, “Stop trying to grovel in front of them [the media], stop thinking that they’re going to like you, stop trying to impress them. Fight back against them….That’s really what you have to do.”

He’s willing to fight and to stand up for principle, and he encourages everyone else to do the same. That’s a winning message.


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